It's Official....

Leigh and I bought our tickets to Mozambique on Friday. That being said....one time donaters I would love to talk to you . We are leaving September 18 from Nashville and returning Oct. 3 very tired and delirious from jet lag. Approximate travel time to Maputo: 35.5 hrs (that's 22.5 hrs in the air; 13 hrs of layovers and plane changes). Return travel time: 29.5hrs (21 in the big blue sky). Many books, endless naps, multiple meals at odd times, 10 airports, and 7 planes later.....it will be well worth all the anxiety and money as I see Him working together His plan. At least I have an experienced travel mate (and fellow nurse) to hold the barf bag and tell me to breathe as I'm hyperventilating in midair. These two wks will fulfill my requirement with Iris Ministries and allow me to go long-term with them (hopefully in January).

This brings us to current and pressing Prayer Requests:
  • sending out an "official" support letter
  • financial and prayer partners to support me on this and the latter part of my journey
  • motivation and encouragement in learning Portuguese (since half of their medical staff doesn't speak English....and it is their official language)
  • nailing down exactly who's going to be the keeper of my money during all this
  • continued spiritual support until I leave

As always....thanks to everyone so much for sharing in my life, pointing me towards new friends that possess the same joy i do, and for not calling me crazy. I enjoy the emails and phone calls...usually it's perfect timing and i needed the encouragement-so never hesitate. Without each of you, this would not be possibly.