2 more papers....

I seriosly don't know where the time goes. I can't believe it's already November!

Classwork finished 2 weeks ago for grad school stuff and I've just been working on my 4 final papers to finish it all out. 2 down and 2 more to go and this semester will be OVER. I've written 30 papers for a total of 160 pages so far. All but the last 2 were done in a total of 9 consecutive weeks. Just 2 more super long ones to go. YIKES. I'm so done writing papers.

Since the last time I wrote:
-I had the chance to participate in a good friend from high school's wedding in Charleston, SC. My mom and I made the trip down and it was just so nice to spend a whole weekend together out of our crazy lives and something I haven't really had the chance to do in almost 3 years.

-I also got the opportunity to jet back down to New Orleans for 5 days for a cousin's wedding and some good family time.

-I went to SIFAT for the green leaf concentrate seminar in collaboration with my professor at UAB and the Honor's college there as well. It was such a great opportunity and opened a bit of a door for me to possibly return to SIFAT in May for 10 days between spring and summer semester to recieve intensive training in world hunger and malnutrition as well as how to use appopriate technologies (read: simple and hands-on) to help combat this in developing nations. It's a super cool opportunity and I'm really praying about making this happen as I know I would use it on almost a daily basis!

-I applied to University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's graduate certificate program in maternal child health (just like UAB's, but in a different concentration area) and am just waiting and praying for the answer back.

-I've been trying to (and still am) working completely full time while school's out and until the beginning of Jan when school starts back up again to pay off all these school loans. Crazy. But, I love the girls I work with, the job, the hospital, and being back on nightshift. It's GREAT!!!! I'm so blessed! God is so GOOD!!!

What's in front of me??

I can't wait for the missions conference I mentioned last time that's in just 2 weeks. I'm really praying that God will make some good connections there and perhaps open some doors or windows into what the next road looks like for me after I finish grad school. I would love for you to pray with me on this.

Then it's up to Ohio to give a talk at 3 services at a church that has been supporting me for the last year and continues to do so while I'm home. I'm pumped. While I'm there I'll also get so visit family and 2 missionaries I worked with while in Mozambique!

My immediate family and dad's side of the family is headed to Nashville to have Thanksgiving at my house which is awesome. It'll be a full November.

Back to New Orleans for a week for another cousin's wedding, an early Christmas (since I'm working all during Christmas) and lots of family time.

Then home to Clemson for a week right after Christmas and to see one of my high school gal's new baby...I'm pumped!!!! These next few weeks are just going to fly right on by as well.....oh and I turn 30 somewhere in there........YEAH!!!!

Prayer Points:
-UNC graduate application
-the missions conference in Louisville, KY
-speaking at Stow Presbyterian Church in Ohio on Nov. 21st
-opportunity to attend World Hunger 10 day intensive training in May