Application completed :)

Hooray it is finally done, completed, and whisked away to email land! I am so excited that it is finally done and a weight lifted. I have to admit, it is about 30 days later than I had hoped, but I'm trusting in His timing. Now, all that's left to do is sit and wait...something I'm becoming very accustomed to lately. I'm hoping to know a better timeline soon of when I can expect a decision.

I am still amazed daily at the prayers you each have been lifting up and how they have helped. These last 2 months since I have returned have been some of the harder moments in my life-part spiritual warfare at it's finest, part the completion of Him answering prayers to make me ready to leave this place I am in my life currently. Well, I'm arrived, and I can hardly stand here another minute. So keep the prayers coming!

Financial update: I'm at 35% of my total goal of $1500/month and I still have 5 more people that have committed, but just not to the amount part yet. I've actually figured out that if I got enough money donated up front and/or donated delta mile points, that I could cover my transportation costs and that number could be more like $1000/month. So anyone interested, speak up! I feel confident He is preparing my provisions and I know it will all come in time.

Prayer Requests:

  • strength while I'm waiting
  • the timing of when I would be able to go to Mozambique and how that fits with where I am right now
  • patience until I leave-I can't begin to express how easily annoyed I have been with work, with being in Nashville, with just being in this crossroads
  • the remainder of my financial support would trickle in
  • wisdom and guidance with the directors as they review and pray over my application