I love that God beats me over the head with stuff.  Ok, love's not the right word.  So you know those times when God keeps speaking to you about the same thing through every different capacity possible?.....maybe not?  maybe you were a bit wiser in listening the first time?  I've come to the conclusion that I'm doomed by genetics to be hard headed in a bazillion areas of my life (and yes, blaming it on genetics makes me feel better about it) and well.....God doesn't give up so that's good for both of us.

Over the last 2 weeks it has been on the topic of clinging.  There's this song that I've loved for a long time, but most recently I feel like God keeps reminding me of it and it keeps coming up in my worship time-corporately and privately and thus the words keep spinning over and over again in my head.  The lyrics that I can't get out of my head are "Simply to the cross I cling, letting go of all earthly things, I'm clinging to the cross.  Mercy's found a way for me.  Hope is here as I am free.  Jesus, you are all I need.  I'm clinging to the cross."  So I wasn't sure why or what I needed this message for and then....enter Beth Moore.

I love this woman as much as you can love someone you have never met or personally communicated with.  If you have never done one of her Bible Studies....you should.  This woman cracks me up, challenges me, encourages me, and simply put, brings a little Church into every session.  Anyway, I'm studying Revelation with a group of girls from my church (and Beth of course) and last night she said something that I completely know and believe and dealt with before, but still somehow shook me.  Now I get the joy of processing and praying through it and deciphering why God keeps beating me over the head with this.  She said something along the lines of you will either hang onto (insert whatever it is emotion/physical thing/dream/fear here) or you will hang onto your first love (God) but you CANNOT hang on to BOTH.  You have to let go of (insert whatever it is here) in order to cling to Him/the cross.

Ok, so now what the heck does this mean for me??  Since I don't have a clear answer on this one yet, I'm just guessing that I'm either a-not listening hard enough or b-(gasp) not wanting to hear the answer (doesn't sound a bit like me at all, huh?).  Hmmmm..........so I'll be praying about this in the next days and weeks to come (aka as long as it takes for God to get through to me) and hoping a few of you will join me.  I'm putting this on here, cause I'm hoping it will keep me accountable to doing just that.