A little update on me

Let's see....wow the weeks are flying by and I've been wanting to get out an official update, but well....did I mention the weeks are flying by? Basically I've been....

sleeping, studying, studying, studying, eating, sleeping, studying, studying, working, studying, sleeping. That probably covers it. If you are a friend living in the Nashville area reading this that thought you would actually get to see me since I lived in the States again....we were BOTH wrong....catch me in 5 more weeks.

Grad school has been amazing and I learn tons every day that is very applicable (I even keep a journal with lots of ideas for when I go back), but it's seriously eating at least 50-60 hours of my week and then I either work 1 or 2 12 hr nightshifts sometime in there amongst the craziness. I'm halfway through week 5 of the 9 weeks for this semester, so I'll get a break soon (till Jan) and start working more with a bit more normal (although still a nightshifter) schedule! You can tell why I rarely leave the house except for groceries, Church and Bible Study, and yoga classes in the evening (practically the only thing that keeps me sane). Don't worry....I do manage to take off 1 period of 24 hrs each week where I do NOTHING school related and just relax, otherwise I would have given this pursuit up by now.

Oh and I've done a "little" travelling on top of all that. Two weekends ago I headed to Clemson for the night, then my mom and I drove to Charleston, SC for the weekend to rest, relax, and celebrate an old highschool girl friend getting married! It was a great weekend and Charleston was gorgeous (as always). Last weekend, I got the chance to go to Auburn, AL (War Eagle!) and see many college friends as well as my sister. Plus, I was blessed with 2 FREE tickets to the Auburn vs Clemson game....so my sister and I wore opposing colors and took turns screaming and cheering for our team....may I say, the better and best team (AUBURN) won!!!! While there I spoke at the Auburn Wesley Foundation (Methodist Campus Ministry) where I spent 4 years of my life during college serving, learning, fellowshipping, and growing up. I did a suppose-to-be 10 min faithshare that was probably a lot longer (thanks David for being patient with me) for the college students on answering God's call on your life and what that looks like in reality and how to missionally live your life from whereever He has placed you. Then on Monday, I hung around AWF for about 4 hrs while students dropped in and asked tons of questions and chatted with me about life on the mission field, developing countries, and serving God. It was amazing and I met some fabulous men and women. On my way back to Nashville, I stopped by two friends house in Bham and had dinner (and sleep).

Plans for soon:
Oct. 10-12 in Birmingham,AL for a 2 day lecture series with UAB and SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology) on using green leaf concentrate to treat malnutrition in developing countries

Oct. 14-19 in New Orleans for wedding and family time

Nov. 11-13 in Louisville, KY for a 3 day Christian Global Medical Missions conference which I am pumped about!!!

Nov. 18-22 in Akron, Ohio to speak at Stow Presbyterian Church (my uncle's and amazing supporters) outside of Akron as well as visiting 2 girls that served with me at Zimpeto in Mozambique and family time!

Dec. 17?-20? in New Orleans for wedding and early Christmas with family

Did I mention somehow managing to fit 80 hr workweeks in between all of this! Praise the Lord God gave me a remarkable talent for working well in the midst of chaos otherwise I'd be floundering right now. He has been such the sustainer and encourager over these last few weeks for me. Thanks for all the prayers....continue praying and let me know if you would like me to come speak to your church, Bible study group, or whatever.....I'll make it happen, even if my schedule looks a little rediculous. ;)


All is quiet

I just wanted to update everyone and thank you for prayers! Missionaries at Zimpeto said Monday was quite even though there were lots of rumours of more rioting. The government has decided to add a subsidy to the price of bread so that the price will remain the same as previous....i only wonder where the money is being taken from to fund this subsidy. Anyway, latest article below! Thanks again.



more on rioting

FIRST.....I just got to video skype with 4 of the children and 3 of the missionaries in Zimpeto.....video and voice chat.....they were so close i could almost hug those little necks....believe me. i wanted to!!!! so precious! (thank you meghann for doing this....you've made these last 2 weeks of 50-60 hours of studying each week, well worth it as i remember face to face why i'm here) Praise the Lord for technology!

SECOND....riot updates. Go here to hear the latest from Meghann from Friday (sweet stories of provision). And I have a semi-first hand update since i got to SEE them on their lovely Saturday afternoon.....really quiet in Zimpeto (the area of Maputo the center is in), but still not too many cars on the road. More of the missionaries and workers have gotten out for desperate errnads that need to be run, but nothing more. While it's quiet for the moment, there are calls for more riots on Monday, so continue praying.

As I lay in bed last night, I prayed that the people of Mozambique would turn to the Lord during this time of fear and stress of where their next meal is going to come for or how they will continue providing for their family. God is much bigger than tax increases and money and physical bread. He can and has (on multiple occasions) multiplied food and made mana fall from the heavens. I prayed that instead of rioting and being filled with panic and fear, they would hit their knees and seek God for His provisions and safeguard, gather as communitities and seek His wisdom; that they would submit to the human (but God given)authority over their country and remember God is bigger than all of that and is still in control. I prayed the government officials would turn to Him to seek wisdom on how to deal with the shortages around the world and export tarrifs which is the reason they have to increase prices....that solutions would be revealed. My heart hurts for this country...when you watch sick sick (can't walk 50 meters and have HIV) people tell you they will wait 2 days to go to the doctor because it's cheaper on Monday than the weekend despite your pleading....you understand the decisions and sacrifices they make on a daily basis, making less than $37 per MONTH (which, quite frankily, most of us make in an hour). A 30% increase in your staple food and impending energy and water increases SEEMS impossible.....but my God never sees impossible and NOTHING with Him is impossible....I pray they turn to Him and see the possibilities! Thanks for praying for them and with me....let's continue praying!


more updates

Reports from missionaries have been that things are a lot quieter today and some of the mozambican staff was able to walk (hours) into the center today to help out because not all the buses were up and runnning. Food supplies for the children were able to be restocked today and a few emergency errands were run by some of the missionaries. It was quieter around the center, but there are still reports of a bit of rioting in the city. There is a call for more rioting on the 6th when 50,000 are supposed to take to the streets.....continue praying for the government and the city of maputo as well as provisions and safety for the center!

link to the latest article from today http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/rwb.nsf/db900sid/MCOI-88XCDC?OpenDocument&rc=1&cc=moz


Riot updates!

An email from Meghann today stated they were still hearing gunfire outside the center and no cars are on the roadways, due to the rioting and roadblocks set up by rioters. Please continue praying for Maputo and for the safety of the kids at the center!

updated article link re today's rioting: http://www.reliefweb.int/rw/rwb.nsf/db900SID/FERB-88WDDL?OpenDocument&rc=1&cc=moz

Update on riots

I got 2 emails from missionaries on the base where I lived for the last 2 years...one from the director and one from a nurse that helped with all the Baby House tots....excerpts below in regards to the effects of the riots, God's protection, and prayer needs!

All of the tots are ok tonight! We did have tear gas in the center earlier today and mainly
the girls were affected. They spent most of the day hidden in one of the tiny rooms in the girls' area with wet t-shirts wrapped over their mouths and noses. Other than them, our guards, and a few missionaries getting affected by tear gas, it actually was a quiet day. I was
blown away by God's peace here in the midst of the craziness outside. There was a bus overturned and set on fire outside the center walls,several people killed in the city, lots of noise and gun shots around,the Total station (gas station) down the road was burned down, NONE of our workers could get here...it is terrible out there but God's grace and peace covered us and the kids today. The kids were acting like it was a snow day...no school, movies, and playing ALL day. The affects of tear gas were quick and with no lasting affects. Seriously it was
miraculous. Keep the prayers coming, especially for workers and the government. Aurora (our Mozambican BH nurse) got stranded on her way here this morning. She called in a panic because she couldn't get home and she couldn't get here...they were burning 2 cars in front of her and she was helpless. She eventually found a tia (one of our female Moz workers that cares for children) and is staying at her house until things settle down. Praise God for her safety and so many others.

Today is September 1 and we are in the midst of riots in Maputo. In July this year the price of passports (for Mozambicans) rose 600%, visitor visas 500% and our annual permanent resident documents (for non-nationals claiming residency in Moz) went from $80 to $700 each. Today September 1 the price of a bus ride doubled, bread rose by 30% and the price of a 50 kg bag of rice is more than half a months salary for an average Mozambican (if he is one of the 18% of people that has a job). So today the people rioted -upturned buses and burned them right
outside our base, looted shops, burnt tires, petrol stations and threw rocks and bricks. The city was closed down as were schools and the airport and the official figure is 6 dead.
The police and army are controlling the rioters and streets with tear gas. It is now 4pm (in Moz) and it is quiet. We will wait and see what happens tonight and again in the morning. We are all safe and sound in our compound here -except for runny eyes from tear gas. No workers here
today but the missionaries, educators and children prayed and played together -no school today.
This is Mozambique -still the 6th poorest country in the world and living in such difficult circumstances. Please pray with us for a miraculous breakthrough.

Praise God for His protection so far, but continue praying for them overnight and into the day tomorrow as they see if this will continue! With over 300 children living in the center, continue praying for a hedge of protection surrounding the center!

click on these 2 links for pics taken right outside of our center and reports from 2 of the missionary girls living there: Meghann http://nurseinmozambique.blogspot.com/2010/09/riots-in-streets.html and Emily http://mozambiquetwentyten.blogspot.com/2010/09/riots.html


Emergency PRAYER request

It's been awhile since I've sent one of these, but I have an emergency request....the city I lived in for the last 2 years, Maputo, Mozambique, is experiencing heavy rioting at the moment.  There are protests about the rising cost of food (especially bread) and rioters early this morning (their morning as they are 6-7 hrs ahead) started throwing stones, setting tires on fire, and ransacking shops.  The rioting has escalated and though the center where I lived is 45 minutes away from downtown, the baby house children I served are being affected by the tear gas the police have used in attempt to break up the rioters.  I know very little as news like this isn't reported very well internationally and I just received a short text msg from a former missionary who had received it from one of our current missionaries there.  Please pray!  I'll keep updates (as I can get them) on my blog at www.emptyhandedbutalive.blogspot.com as I have a message cap of total messages I can send out during the day!  Pray for safety-physical, health, and emotional for the tiny tots that live there, for the Mozambican women that are the primary care givers for these children, but have families/children at home they probably can't get in touch with and don't know if they are ok or not, for the missionaries living there, far from home with worrying family.  Give the nurses there knowledge to take care of any of the medical problems that might arise from the use of tear gas and favor of safe passage to the hospital if an emergency with one of the kids would arise (as protesting often leads to major roadblocks).  Pray for the rioting to cease and for wisdom for government officials over policies and how they affect the millions of people that can't affect a meal a day in their own country.  They have also passed water and electricity price hikes set to increase dramatically this month too! 
links to articles concerning and places to watch for more info: