Merry Christmas-updates!

I hope everyone has had a very blessed Christmas! I wanted to update ya'll on the latest. Since I turned in my long-term application a month ago, my two references from employers and pastors have been submitted and everything has been signed off on as ready to hand over to the director @ Zimpeto. They have the final say. Currently the directors are in South Africa with family for the holidays and won't be back till right after the first. As soon as they are back, they will get my file and start praying over it. I'm hoping the decision will be quick and I will soon know when I can go over, but I'm told that they have a lot of applications to consider at the moment. This means the process may take a little longer than I would like.

For the time being, I quit my full-time and part-time job in Nashville and as of Jan. 4th, all of my belongings will be packed up and moved into a storage unit. I will then be going home to South Carolina to spend time with family and friends. I know I will be blessed by this time and I am welcoming the break from my currently hectic life. A friend and I are taking a travel nursing assignment together and hopefully in the next 2 wks we will know where we will be going. This has afforded me a month off to relax and spend quality time with everyone I never get to see, plus the holidays off!!! I will start the assignment at the end of Jan or beginning of Feb and will work for at least 13 wks depending on what/when I hear from Iris Ministries.

I pray all these transitions will go smoothly and that my patience will continue as I wait to hear from Iris. Keep checking back for the latest updates!! Thanks again to everyone who has been so amazing these past few months. I have been so blessed! I love each of you.