The sweetest sound

is a laugh from a child's lips.
Especially their first.

Yesterday I shared, that for the first time (since she arrived) I saw Fernanda smile at me.....3 times.  Three big smiles as I kissed and said goodnight to her.

Today, I picked her up to play and she sat in my lap.  Cleita came over to play with us and offered her a play toy (very sweet of Cleita).  Nanda reached out for it and started baby babbling to Cleita....who then decided that the toy was, infact, hers and though she would like to offer it...she would not really like to SHARE it.  So she took it back.  While Nanda was interacting with another child for the 2nd time since she arrived (and reaching for a toy for the very first time), I thought I saw a hint of a smile.  So I got a little stuffed animal for her to play with......to my suprise she started actually PLAYING with it and smiling.  I haven't seen her PLAY with anything....just sitting there somberly and holding things....occasionally touching them, but never PLAYING.  So I started "attacking" her with the animal and tickling her......and it was then that i heard the sweetest sound you can hear......a little chuckle...which turned it to a giggle....which moved to a laugh!  A beautiful beautiful sound!  Literally music to my ears.

Please continue praying for her and her social/emotional development as she comes out of her shell.  She gained another 140 grams today (over 4.5 ounces) and is doing well with her food.  She's going to be back on regular formula instead of ironman formula in just a few days!  She's starting to look plump!  He he!  Ok, not really, we are only 17 lbs (13 ounces) but it's a lot better than how she looked just 1.5 weeks ago.  Oh and today was her first FEVER-FREE day!!!  Whoohooo!  Pray this continues!

Graca is still settling in and we've put her back on regular baby formula as of tonight and she is taking it just fine!  No throwing up!  Praise the Lord for tiny baby steps.  Still no weight gain yet.....so continue praying hard for her as well.  Also for no side effects from any of her nasty medications!

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