Mozambique Video

I'm excited to let ya'll finally view the video I mentioned months ago since most everyone that needed to see it in person during my visits have seen in.......so here it is.  It's 12.5 minutes.  I'm pretty sure it is worth the wait for the few of you that have been waiting in intense anticipation since I first mentioned it.  I hope it blesses you and really reminds you of how much this journey is just not me and God's.....but belongs to each of you as well.  Thank you so much for each and every single you have spent praying for me, writing emails, thinking of me, sending me encouragement, wisdom, and truth, as well as finances, goody packages, and long skype conversations (especially those that had 5000 dropped calls in like 10 min and yet you still stuck with me).  Thanks for the hugs and shoulders (virtual and real), for bearing through the tears and hard times and most definately for celebrating with me and God on all the victories.  Myself, the children I served, and the Mozambicans and other missionaries I served with have been eternally changed-in this life and forever.  I really cannot repay you or tell you thanks enough.  Enjoy!

Mozambique: Changing Statistics 2008-2010 from Erin Welton on Vimeo.

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