2 more things and a connection

I found 2 more things that I'm super thankful for:

  1. Sunday night worship @ Jimmy & Linda's. The assistant directors hold it in thier living room every weekend for any of the missionaries that want to come. Linda plays the keyboard and Jimmy, the guitar. We just have a really amazing time of worship. You all know how much I love music and it's especially special cause it's all in English so I know all the words. Last night we had 2 hrs of just worship. There's never a sermon or scripture, just worship. It was really amazing and rejuvenating. And I am thankful for the time!
  2. This juice: Ceres. I found it the last time I was here and then suprisingly in Nashville one day when I was really missing Mozambique. It's PURE fruit juice straight from South Africa. No sugars or anything else. I have never tasted anything quite like it. They have all kinds and all fruit and it's absolutely wonderful. I'm sure whole foods or the like might have something comparable...but that's not ever really in my budget. So, you should march right down to your closest Publix and look for it in the juice isle (I found it in the Brentwood Old Hickory Blvd Publix)....and if they do not have it....find the nearest manager and demand they stock it. Cause if you didn't know.....if you ask for it and the item is obtainable Publix has to carry it on their shelves for something like 2 or 3 months...and if it does well they will keep stocking it. But you can always just request it again when they stop :) I miss Publix. Shoprite here should change it's name or something. Perhaps I still haven't adjusted to Mozambican grocery stores....and I should be thankful I have a grocery store. Anyway, shop for it, drink it, and be happy and healthy. Then we will have an amazing connection...drinking the same juice halfway around the world. Fun huh??

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