The tortuise and the hare

Updates updates…thanks again for all your prayers! Alirio is getting slightly better and today we are having more of an issue with snot than anything which is causing the majority of his respiratory issues. I had to (had to) make him just scream for 10 minutes while I went at him with a bulb syringe. No wonder he’s having so much of a problem. There is nowhere for the air to be because he’s so clogged up. But at least he’s coughing more of it up and it’s moving out. All my respiratory therapist friends would have loved him….especially since all I have is a bulb syringe which is practically useless! Needless to say, I’ve been suctioning him so much that last night at about 12:30 am he looked up at me, got a really big grin on his face and started creeping the play bulb syringe (lack of fun toys in the med closet….plus he chose it OVER the toy car) up to MY nose….and laughing hysterically. Cute yes! At least someone’s getting the treatments….I think my breathing is great (especially since I practically get the same nebulizer every 4 hrs while I’m trying to hold him still in my lap). Tonight I got desperate and tried torturing him again….we tried two nights ago to give him oral prednisone and he kept throwing it up (4x on Erin 1)because of the taste. I thought I would trick him…ha ha…by taking him out of the baby house, to my house, feeding him strawberry yogurt (which he never gets) and then sneaking the prednisone in it….ha ha ha. First he was suspicious and wouldn’t eat it at all. Then after I played the “look, Erin’s eating it and it’s really yummy, have some” game…he tried it and liked it. Then comes the tricky part. I tried to mix a little of the medicine up in it. He took one bite and made a face then promptly closed his mouth tightly and pushed the spoon away. So Hilary (thanks so much) and I decided he was GOING to eat it and played a game of I’m bigger than the toddler….Well I’m not so proud to say he ate it….or most of it and I’m praying a-it works, b-he doesn’t have an aversion to yogurt for the rest of his life, and c-I can “trick” him into taking it again tomorrow night without ruining another healthy food. Erin’s really tired. Erin needs sleep and a break from being out at the baby house. He has to get better cause this every 4 hr thing is killing me. At least Erin 1 is doing the 0400 dose for me! Anyway, just thought I’d update ya’ll.

As for all the other cute tots. Francisco started walking at the end of last week and thinks he’s big stuff since he’s the only one in his room. Mindah’s creeping up on him though and has taken 5 steps consecutively. She keeps trying over and over cause they are all really competitive with each other. Also both surprised me and learned how to blow kisses in the last 2 days. I’m afraid I’m Americanizing them. I always have the same routine. Come in, hug them, say olah to each one, give them kisses, ect. When they are going down for their nap (2x a day) and at bedtime I say goodbye in English and Portuguese as well as good night in Portuguese and then kiss/hug each and then blow kisses to each of them lots as I’m leaving. They think it’s hysterical. Well 2 days ago, Mindah blew one back and so now all the others are taking to it one by one! Precious! Also they are learning "uh-oh" fast and think it’s fun to say. They are amazingly brilliant and quick to catch on despite the fact that they are five 13-17 month olds and only one is walking and they only say a handful of words. I think that’s why I love the under 3’s so much. Now if I could only get my two five month olds to work on head control, rolling over, and pushing themselves up when they are on their tummies…..what can I say…we’re a little behind over here, but we’re making it. This to say to any mom that’s comparing their child to the books…they turn out just fine if it takes them till they’re two to walk, ect!! Pictures soon….when I catch a break and actually get some quality play time with them!

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