Rest and Relaxation and wierd events

I’m in need of some rest. Really good quiet, peaceful, restful, rest. I’m tired and starting to feel sick. That’s not really a good combination. Luckily, I’m going to Macaneta in Mozambique for a few days respite with two other missionaries working with me, Celia from Brazil and Fiona from England. We’re leaving Thursday after I give AM meds in the Baby House and check in that everyone’s healthy and happy for the moment and we’re not coming back till late Saturday. I’m also excited that the travel time is only around an hour depending on the ferry availability. Yes, I said ferry. Macaneta is on a peninsula right across from part of Maputo. Basically, it’s Maputo, then a river that dumps into the ocean, then the peninsula, then the Indian Ocean. It’s supposed to be amazing and beautiful and absolutely quiet. We’ll be right on the beach and apparently all you hear is crashing waves when you fall asleep or wake up. I cannot wait! We’re thinking about travelling to the very tip of the peninsula so you can see water on all 3 sides of you and look across to see the Maputo skyscape. It makes me very happy that we have relationships with quite a few places in the city, near us, and in South Africa so we are able to go for respites for a really discounted price. The lady who owns this particular property actually is thankful that Celia found it and has been bringing her lots of business. Her regular tenants are vacationers from SA and not many know about it. So when one of us wants to rent it, as long it’s not booked, she only charges us what it would be if the entire house was being rented by 6 people and you were splitting it, even if there is only 1 or 2 of you going. Amazingly gracious. We’re going to cook fabulous dinners, play games, take lots of pictures, sleep in, read, and just exist without 300 kids calling your name or tugging on your shirt every five minutes. I cannot wait.

I do have to say as an accomplishment…I finally saw (for the very first time since I purchased it and took it out of the packaging when I first arrived) the bottom of my laundry basket. Now that in itself is worth celebrating. It’s hard to do this because I share a super tiny front load washing machine with 13 people. Getting to the machine first is amazing enough, or when it’s empty, but doing so when there’s still enough daylight to actually dry your clothes on the line (by 1pm) is a whole other matter entirely. And, thus I’m proud to say…6 wks later…I finally did it. Hooray, hooray. I always feel like I’m never making headway, but constantly washing clothes.

Also, really random fact/event. Bill Frist, Tennessee senator, is coming to visit Iris for a few hours (with a camera crew and entourage) this next Tuesday. Our directors told us yesterday that some US senator (they are from Australia) was coming with Samaritan’s Purse and wanted to tour, see some patients with our Mozambican doctor that works in the clinic, and shoot a little footage (for publicity purposes). Today he emailed us telling us who it was and I immediately thought how odd and funny that Senator Frist is coming. He was born and raised in Nashville, TN and was a practicing md for several years, working at Vanderbilt for a time as a cardiac-thoracic surgeon and starting their heart/lung transplant program while there. Funny since I most recently lived in Nashville and worked at Vanderbilt for the last 3.5 years…and now a random connection is coming to Mozambique to Iris Ministries on the base that I’m working. Weird? Ok, pray that the next time you’ll hear from me, I’m super rested up and recharged after having some amazing God time with a few encouraging friends on a beautiful beach and that I’ve posted some pics so you can enjoy…also that I’m feeling back to 100%!

"Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today....The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

-Exodus 14:13-14

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