Updated pictures and videos

This week has been really long.  I’ve come back from my few days rest at the beach; Senator Frist came to visit; Sina, one of my 2 year olds had a medical emergency and I had to rush her to the hospital (she’s do to come home Monday), and I am now sick.  But I’ve managed to update pictures in almost all the albums for my online photo journal…click on the right to view.  I’ve also added a few short videos and there will be more to come.  Check my video site out on the right as well under Contact Info.  At least this is my weekend off in the baby house (thanks Janie) and I’ve pretty much been in bed since 6pm Friday night.  I think I just have whatever weird virus is going around in the baby house.  It is no fun.  But I’ll live.  I’ll blog more about this week’s events and post pics here, but for now the online journals will have to suffice as I am too tired and weak to stay on my computer any longer.  Back to sleep for me!  Thanks for all the prayers in the last few days!  Ya’ll are amazing.

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