Live from London (well sorta)

We'll today has been VERY productive.  I left Atlanta yesterday a few minutes before midnight, slept about 3 hours on the plane and arrived in London shortly before noon (their time) after 8 hours on the plane.  We made it safely to our hotel....and a good random pick i dare say.  We have also mastered the subway system like champs and have made beautiful use of our 3 day unlimited pass already.  We have eaten our first meal here, seen the National Gallery with paintings and the such.....and........I am now the proud owner of a 12.5 month Mozambican visa with a 90 day exit courtesy of my lovely friends in London, who, bent the rules and let me turn in my papers today 10 min after the cutoff....and i still had it back in my hands within an hour.  They might be my new best friends.  We have also befriended the guides at the tourist info place and charmed them with our Southern accents.....we plan on using this to get all the insiders tips.  :) 
So thank you to each of you that have been praying for me these last few wks.  I had a very blessed time at home...more on that in a later post, a safe journey here, and success in obtaining a new visa.  Please continue praying for a sweet time here in London with my good friend Jackie before leaving to return to Mozambique on Sunday for the next 6 months.  I'm still praying about longer and more on that to come too.....for now it's shower, dinner, and sweet dreams! 

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Laura said...

Well done as they say in London! I'm so glad you got a GREAT visa! Have fun. One of my favorite places was the Tower of London, worth the spendy entrance fee in my opinion. I love London!
See you soon!