Updated schedule for my time home in the States

Here's my updated schedule for my time at home!  2 speaking/sharing engagements are firm and are listed.  Several others are still in the planning phase.  Please let me know as soon as possible your interest and your availabilities to help me figure out which dates will work best and the number to expect.  I am planning for one in New Orleans, Clemson, and Birmingham...and possibly a 2nd in Nashville.  If you would like me to speak to your group, please contact me as soon as possible so we can work something out.
Schedule (pretty set at the moment):
Aug. 27th  Arrive in Atlanta
Aug. 29-30  Atlanta for pre-wedding festivities
Sept 4-8  Mandeville, LA
Sept 11-13  Charlotte, NC for wedding
Sept 13-24  Marion, NC for medical missions intensive class
Sept 24-Oct 1  Nashville, TN
Oct 1-3  Birmingham, AL
Oct. 9-13  Boston (family only wkend)
Oct. 13  Leave from Boston to return to Mozambique
**all other time will be spent in Clemson, SC with family
Speaking/sharing opportunities (times are rough estimates at the moment):
Nashville, TN-Sept 25 (Fri) @6:30 pm at Kathleen Sim's house
Pendleton, SC-Oct 4 (Sun) @10 am at Pendleton United Methodist Church
Tentative speaking/sharing opportunities (dates, times, and locations still to be confirmed):
New Orleans, LA-Sept 5, 6, or 7?? with Michelle Lewis's youth group
Nashville, TN-Sept 26 (Sat) evening (if interest is enough) at Courtney Wolf's house
Birmingham, AL-Oct 2 (evening) or 3rd (mid morning or lunchtime) ?? (no location at present)
Clemson, SC-Oct 5-7th sometime at my parent's home
I look forward to seeing each of you and sharing what God's doing here in Mozambique, the ministry that you have been supporting, and what God's been placing on my heart for the future.  I miss all of you and am so blessed for everything ya'll have done for me since before I left last June.  I hope you will consider attending a share session near you so that we can share a meal, catch up, and I may share with you a culture that has touched my life!

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