Tater tot updates

Yesterday was a long day.  Chelsia now has the cold on top of the asthma thing....she started with a fever and runny nose and it made her breathing trouble worse.  Plus my well-meaning Mozambican nurse doesn't quite having the loving touch when it comes to getting the smaller ones to do something they don't want to do (ie sit for a nebulizer treatment)....so she only got a portion of her 7 am nebulizer (which was over an hour late) and when I found her at 1040 she was really struggling (as it had been since midnight for the previous neb and has never gone more than 6 hrs).  She ended up needed 2 back to back to recover and then I started her on a second medicine to add into her nebulizer that was a donated medicine we can't get here (Atrovent).  I'm praying it will help keep her in between her every 6 hour nebulizers.  By 1pm I had given 6 nebulizers.  sheesh!  Then, Latifo, who was off his prednisone and albuterol nebulizers for over 24 hours crashed and burned and needed a few extra nebs.....he didn't look as bad as last Tuesday, but nothing good.  Then Vasco started having respiratory problems, so he got a nebulizer for good measure and got started on some meds as well.  no one likes to miss out on all the fun!  Good thing I helped out one of the other nurses by taking her shift on friday night cause by monday afternoon I was ready to crash myself as I started feeling the same things the babies have been feelings....to bed with me and she did my shift yesterday afternoon.  Today is my computer day to catch up on stuff and tomorrow's my day off so I'm hoping to be rested and better by Thursday!
Today it seems that Latifo and Vasco are doing well, but Chelsia's still putting up a good fight.....I'm praying this will go away fast!!!
In other news....Dionisio, everyone's (my) favorite toddler, is doing just that...toddling.  He's walking....not just head diving or running full force to the next object, but really walking!  and turning, and stopping, and starting.  And he's eating rice....well a few spoonfuls before each and every mushed up rice meal.  It's about time, as he's just made 18 months 2 days ago.  He's really made amazing progress considering he couldn't sit up by himself in november or eat most foods.  And he's saying my name....which is a very important skill.  he's saying other words too....like bread, water, mouth, walk, go (for let's leave the nursery and go walk around, erin), give (as in I want that, give it to me), baby, all done, good bye, no (well the head shake is enough anyway).....which is really good news....and he's into everything of course.  Smile emoticon  including attempting to tip up baby 2 month old, Cleita's crib so that he can see her....when standing on his tip toes and trying to peer in doesn't work....kinda brilliant actually....if you can't see the baby, bring the baby to you.....he likes to go to her crib and try to pat her when she's crying. 
In funny stories.....Mindah, 2 years, is hysterical.  She's such a little talker and whenever they are outside playing and I sit down on the low wall, she'll come over, sit down and just start talking.  A preface to this story is that we have quite a few Brazillian missionaries that work in or love to go into the BH all the time.  They all have a common phrase that they say when anything startling or out of the ordinary happens...it's "Meu deus" for my god....but not in a bad way.  They say it frequently.  This wkend, I was sitting outside and she came up to me playing and chatting away.  The tias and children around us were playing with giant black ants (formigas in Portuguese) and letting them walk across their hands, putting them in sand toys, ect.  So the entire time she was talking with me there were ants everywhere.  Out of nowhere she stood up, clapped both hands to her face, got a surprised look on her face with giant wide eyes and declared...."Meu deus, formigas, formigas!  Meu deus!"  pointing at them and shuddering slightly.  Then she went right back to playing in the sand and talking away, standing in the exact same spot as before with all the ants around her.  5 minutes later, she did it again, slapping my knee, shuddering and proclaiming, "Meu deus, formigas, formigas."  This went on and off for about 30 minutes.  It was quite hysterical.  The best part was, I couldn't stop laughing, but she couldn't figure out what I was laughing about. 
The 3 new ones, are settling in just great and putting on weight like champs.  Please continue to pray for them, as they grow more and more each day! 

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