And baby makes 49

Tuesday I got a new son! He makes 49 little tykes! He turned 7 months just 2 days after he arrived. He is one stinking cute tot too! He's working on crawling, but he's got the smiling, cooing, giggling thing down pat. Snuggling too! Oh he's just a ham. And i love him! He came to us with an ear infection, scalp infection, skin infection, lung infection, and one bad case of scabies....and when i say bad....i mean head to toe and we're on our 3rd round of treatment and we still aren't rid of them! But we're getting there, and he's getting healthier every day!
His mom died a few months ago, and he's quite a little one for a dad to take care of alone without any food source for him....so we're going to love on him for about a year, till he's a little older and easier for a single dad to take care of! He came in with a witchcraft cord wrapped around his neck.....We prayed over him and then cut the cord off him first thing after he arrived! Stand with us praying for this little tyke to settle in quickly, to grow stronger and healthier each day, for the bonds of witchcraft to be broken, and for generational curses to have no hold on this little one! We are believing God for great things for Francisco! Note the faces of Francisco: top...."look at me i'm cute and pouty, come play with me!" bottom: "see, i really am cute and cuddly. i like to smile too."

In other news...my favorite toddler, Dionisio was returned to the Baby House about 13 months after we took him out to live in the Bercario for a little more one-on-one special attention. It has taken quite the adjustment.....we found out he hates juice and prefers water and will throw his cup and pitch a good little fit if the tias forget and give him juice (silly boy). He was also having a time realizing that he had to share me with ummmm....34 other kids and that sometimes i have to work and can't just sit and play with him. Big adjustment, lots of tears, tantrums, and scowls. But week 3 and he's doing much much better. He hasn't been crying if I'm not holding him. I can play and then leave without huge fits, and if he comes over excitedly squealing and clapping his hands, but i don't have time to play....i can hug him and tell him to go back to the group and we'll play later.....he actually does it and doesn't get upset. i've witnessed him playing with and alongside the other kids and smiling and laughing. small baby steps, but we're getting there! This has been a huge answered prayer. He has come such a long way in a year and looks so grown up! Perhaps that's because he's turning 2 in just 2 months. :)

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