sorry i've been a little absent. Our Mozambican nurse has been gone for the last 2 wks and boy how we missed her. I forgot how big of a blessing she is. Getting up for 7:30 and working 12-13 hr days wore me out. I am NOT a morning person and the kids have way too much energy that early!

Also, my computer decided to commit semi-suicide and the hard drive failed on Wednesday night....so it's off to the computer hospital to be resurrecting....with a whole new heart. hopefully i'll have it back soon.

For those of you with facebook...you'll know that i contracted my mysterious spotty disease again over a week ago...that's right....same month and everything as last year. it's exactly the same mysterious disease/rash. we still can't figure out what it is this time around. I even went to see a doctor in South Africa this wkend. they got nothing. they started flipping around in their dermatology books. that's reassuring all right. the spots finally stopped spreading and mostly aren't very itchy anymore. i'm sure they'll be gone in another 2 wks like last time. till then....i'll just remain a little splotchy looking. no big deal. but there will prob. be a brand new disease named after me. ok, i'm partially kidding, but really.....we got nothing and everytime i think i have a diagnosis...i'm proved wrong. it's wierd. but i'm just fine (spotty but fine) so i'm not worrying about it. ;)

i was in South Africa this weekend for a 4 day break of relaxing, resting, pool-laying, yummy dinner outs, and hiking cool escarpments in the fog to see beautiful viewpoints....just wait for the pictures when my computer is up and running. you'll be amazed and jealous. We went to Kruger park for the day and saw 1 giraffe, 1 monkey, 3 elephants, 4 kudu, a lizard, a turtle, a few butterflies, a leopard, 2 lions, 15 hippos, 2 rhinos, 5 water buffalo, and 5 zebras. oh yeah there were 3 warthogs, 7 wildabeasts, and 5,791 impala. the impala won. apparently the other animals were on holiday. or strike. not sure which. we were sad. but it was still fun. pictures to come soon. thanks for understanding since i abandoned the blog world. There are a lot of cute pictures from the last 2 wks......you'll just have to be in suspense.

Also....note: i've updated the column on the right with my brand new (hopefully better functioning) mailing address. Please update your records. My old address is still technically mine, but since i rarely was receiving my packages (cause they failed to pick them up for me), i decided it was time for a change. So now I have a mailbox in a different store, with a nice manager, that promises she won't abandon my packages. ;) hope ya'll had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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