I'm off first thing in the AM (5:30 am-a VERY unGodly hour if you ask me) to a small town in the middle part of Mozambique called Chimoio (which is not pronounced key-moo like a dolphin's name like my friend Jackie affectionately calls it, but instead, shi-moiy-yo) for the next 5 days.  It's at least an 18 hr drive from here so I'll be flying.  I will be out of internet contact till next Saturday.  It's a much needed break as well as a chance to network with some amazing Christian women that are living and working in a small rural community area.  I'm excited and open to see what the Lord's going to show me while I'm there.  It could not have come at a better time considering this last week! 
If you think about it....send up a prayer for me during the week.  This past week has definitely been one of the biggest challenges I've had since coming to Moz and most definitely the saddest.  Some moments are easier than others and some moments are just overwhelming sadness, but I know My God is a comforter and it will get easier.  I'm not angry or depressed or any of the other stages of grief....just sad cause I miss the sweet little tot.  Ultimately I'm excited for him and happy to know that he's resting in Our Father's arms, being LOVED with the perfect love that he was never able to experience on earth, and he is once again whole and healthy and pain/sickness free.  And I KNOW he's dancing and smiling and laughing and making fishy faces.  He's probably even taking care of the littler angels....cause that's who Dino was on this earth...the LIGHT of the Lord shined through that 3 year old.  You would have never guessed where he came from and from what....completely abandoned, no family, near death.....he had the courage to love other and us more than I think we could have ever loved him.  The other kids in the BH miss him too and are adjusting.  They often say "and not Dino...he's not here" when it's time to take medicines or in the quiet moments, they remind me in their cute little toddler voices that Dino is with Jesus now.  Now THAT can melt anyone's heart.  He was such a personality and will be remembered for a long time! There's definitely a big hole to fill!  Until next week.....

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