Pray for Dino

Sorry for being so lax on the blogging.....I've been sick for 9 days.  on the mend now.
Please pray with me tonight for a little boy by the name of Dino.  He's 3 years old and very very sick.  He is in mozambique's version of the pediatric intensive care tonight on oxygen and not looking really good.  Can't tell you much more than that, but just pray for him to stop vomiting, for him to breath easier, and for whatever infection this is to go away (or for the docs to figure out what it is and give him the correct meds).  For my medically minded readers....his malaria tests were negative so it's not that.  We think maybe a pneumonia, but his respiratory distress is pretty atypical for him.  Whatever the cause, he's not oxygenating properly and was agitated, confused, and slurring words at one point in the day.  Of course in true African fashion, despite the fact that they were "very concerned" about him the moment he walked in the hospital it took them 5 hours to put him on oxygen.  So anyway, pray for Dino, pray for the doctors and nurses taking care of him in the hospital, pray for wisdom, pray for the treatments to work, and pray for the tia staying with him in the hospital and looking after him.  Thanks for standing with us!
I'll try to keep you updated!

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