Story Time

Let me introduce you to the 2 main characters in this plotline:

This is Stinkster, Grumpster, Eyeore, Mr. Grumpypants, D, Dio, Dionis, Dionisio, or whatever he chooses to answer to depending on his mood at that moment in the day.  He just made 2 years old at the end of Jan.

This is Anton or Antonio.  He is 2 months shy of his 3rd birthday.

I have known them both since I arrived over 20 months ago.

They are both alike in many ways: 
a-they are boys.
b-i like to shorten their names a lot.
c-they both have sorted emotional attachment issues.
d-they like to throw really good (and mostly hilarious) tempertantrums.
e-they have amazingly brilliant facial expressions, from which you can read their mood and temperant o the second.
f-they are both tremendously cute.
g-i love them both ALOT.
h-they love me.

I told you so.
Anyway, back to the story......

Antonio has come a LONG way since his arrival here (and mine) and has since MOSTLY stopped his outrageous tantrums that would be oh every 5 minutes or so (not really exaggerating either).  After awhile he stopped crying with them and he would just make his eyes go blank, slip into another world, slink onto the floor and lay motionless until you either picked him up or he decided he was over whatever sent him into the tantrum to begin with.  Despite how annoying most people thought the cute kid was....I loved him immediately and through the grace of God had the patience to deal with his screaming fits and having to pry him off of you when it was time to leave and the sheer terror you could see on his face.  But like I said, he's pretty much over that now.

Dionisio has come a LONG way since my arrival here and is now an (ALMOST) thriving 2 year old, though still a bit behind developmentally.  After finally learning to attach to a human around the age of oh 9 months, he has since developed a deep need to be attached to me when i'm in the room.  He's like another appendage.  Again, I love him and praise the Lord for the grace and patience to deal with it each day.  He's learning to attach to other adults as well and learning how to self soothe himself (which most infants learn about the time they start rewaking up during the night after previously learning to sleep through the night).  Some days are really good, and some days.....well horrible might be the nicest word for it.

Ever since Dio moved back to the Baby House, Antonio has LOVED D.  He loves to pat him and tell him to calm down when he's crying.  He brings him toys.  He leads him places (by the hand).  He gives him kisses and hugs and calls him Baby Dionisio.  I think it's cause he knows that just like he's special to me, so is Dionisio.
Dionisio, well.....he's NOT so enamored with Antonio.  Yes, Antonio has bit him a time or two.  Side story:  Antonio is a biter.  Always was, still is.  Much, much better about it.  He bites when he's mad, suprised, happy, sad, for fun, and to say i love you.  He doesn't really equate it with hate or meanness....he just does it because....even mid hug (the hug he's giving you).  Ok, side story over.  So like I said, it was out of love that he bit Dio....however, Dio is quite unforgiving.  Dionisio feels VERY threatened by anyone that's taking the time or space that he feels is rightfully his...and by that i mean....ME.  Therefore....he's usually VERY threatened and angry with Antonio even when Antonio is trying to hug him and play with him.  

Today, Dionisio decided that, though Antonio was trying to sit on my lap and I wouldn't let HIM sit on my lap, that since he already hit Antonio over the head, he would make amends.....well kinda....he's laughing in this pic as he's hitting him again.
So Antonio steals the opportunity to seal the friendship and......
KISS Dionisio.  The affection was tolerated.  

Tomorrow will be a different story....as was this morning in church.
Oh sweet toddlers.

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Meghann said...

Gotta love them...(and for the record I miss them!).