When coffee goes bad....

Think back to that high school or college biology class you took....you know the one with the fun labs with petree dishes and culturing yummy organisms and watching them grow.

I arrived in my kitchen tonight to microwave some spagetthi I had made from the night before.  As I was waiting patiently for the miracle of science to heat my food in a box....I noticed something very disturbing.
Surely minst eyes deceiveth me??? 

ok, I didn't REALLY think that...but close to it.  and NO my eyes were not deceiving me......

The picture above is what awaited me.....I mean I LOVE me some coffee.  But something about that just ain't right (as we would say in the South)!
It HAS to be something in the water.....maybe THAT'S why I'm always getting sick.....hmmmm.
ps.  no.  I did not culture it.  but I would LOVE to know what was growing in there.  and how many gazillions of them there were.  You'd think that would make me think twice about drinking coffee.  YEAH RIGHT.  I'll have a cup tomorrow too.  and I'll savour it!  MMMM.  MMMM.

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