more on rioting

FIRST.....I just got to video skype with 4 of the children and 3 of the missionaries in Zimpeto.....video and voice chat.....they were so close i could almost hug those little necks....believe me. i wanted to!!!! so precious! (thank you meghann for doing this....you've made these last 2 weeks of 50-60 hours of studying each week, well worth it as i remember face to face why i'm here) Praise the Lord for technology!

SECOND....riot updates. Go here to hear the latest from Meghann from Friday (sweet stories of provision). And I have a semi-first hand update since i got to SEE them on their lovely Saturday afternoon.....really quiet in Zimpeto (the area of Maputo the center is in), but still not too many cars on the road. More of the missionaries and workers have gotten out for desperate errnads that need to be run, but nothing more. While it's quiet for the moment, there are calls for more riots on Monday, so continue praying.

As I lay in bed last night, I prayed that the people of Mozambique would turn to the Lord during this time of fear and stress of where their next meal is going to come for or how they will continue providing for their family. God is much bigger than tax increases and money and physical bread. He can and has (on multiple occasions) multiplied food and made mana fall from the heavens. I prayed that instead of rioting and being filled with panic and fear, they would hit their knees and seek God for His provisions and safeguard, gather as communitities and seek His wisdom; that they would submit to the human (but God given)authority over their country and remember God is bigger than all of that and is still in control. I prayed the government officials would turn to Him to seek wisdom on how to deal with the shortages around the world and export tarrifs which is the reason they have to increase prices....that solutions would be revealed. My heart hurts for this country...when you watch sick sick (can't walk 50 meters and have HIV) people tell you they will wait 2 days to go to the doctor because it's cheaper on Monday than the weekend despite your pleading....you understand the decisions and sacrifices they make on a daily basis, making less than $37 per MONTH (which, quite frankily, most of us make in an hour). A 30% increase in your staple food and impending energy and water increases SEEMS impossible.....but my God never sees impossible and NOTHING with Him is impossible....I pray they turn to Him and see the possibilities! Thanks for praying for them and with me....let's continue praying!


Maher Family said...

God bless you and your ministry. God is in control and He hears your prayers. Continue to praise God and thank Him for everything He will do! I will be praying for you.

Meghann said...

Thank you for all your prayers friend! Those are exactly the prayers I have for this country as well...our God is bigger than ALL of this need! And you are most welcome for an enjoyable afternoon of chatting! The tots sure are growing quickly...I keep thinking back to a year ago and remembering how small they all were. Not anymore!? Love you and miss you!