Emergency PRAYER request

It's been awhile since I've sent one of these, but I have an emergency request....the city I lived in for the last 2 years, Maputo, Mozambique, is experiencing heavy rioting at the moment.  There are protests about the rising cost of food (especially bread) and rioters early this morning (their morning as they are 6-7 hrs ahead) started throwing stones, setting tires on fire, and ransacking shops.  The rioting has escalated and though the center where I lived is 45 minutes away from downtown, the baby house children I served are being affected by the tear gas the police have used in attempt to break up the rioters.  I know very little as news like this isn't reported very well internationally and I just received a short text msg from a former missionary who had received it from one of our current missionaries there.  Please pray!  I'll keep updates (as I can get them) on my blog at www.emptyhandedbutalive.blogspot.com as I have a message cap of total messages I can send out during the day!  Pray for safety-physical, health, and emotional for the tiny tots that live there, for the Mozambican women that are the primary care givers for these children, but have families/children at home they probably can't get in touch with and don't know if they are ok or not, for the missionaries living there, far from home with worrying family.  Give the nurses there knowledge to take care of any of the medical problems that might arise from the use of tear gas and favor of safe passage to the hospital if an emergency with one of the kids would arise (as protesting often leads to major roadblocks).  Pray for the rioting to cease and for wisdom for government officials over policies and how they affect the millions of people that can't affect a meal a day in their own country.  They have also passed water and electricity price hikes set to increase dramatically this month too! 
links to articles concerning and places to watch for more info:


Laura said...

Hi Erin! It's horrible to be away when something like this happens, isn't it? I so want to be there making sure my boys are ok, you must feel the same about your babies. We'll keep praying! Did you give me your phone number? i'd love to call and catch up! Love, Lauraarl

erin said...

I'm with you Laura! Lots and lots of prayer time today! Sending you my phone number by email! Weekends are the better time for me with school right now. Can't wait to catch up!