Meet Freddie!

Freddie is our newest baby (Note: Mozambican names are not very "African" sounding...remember Portuguese influence...also really his name is Alfredo, but we already have one in his very same room, and his family nicknamed him this which is perfect for us...plus, it really fits him). He'll be 11 months old in 5 days! He is weighing in just at 16 pounds but he looks like he's about 5 months old. I promise he smiles and I've even gotten him to laugh. He talks in baby babble of course and does a little military crawl by laying on his belly and pulling himself with his arms. He can sit and well...we'll be working on the rest the stronger and bigger he gets! Besides a common skin infection all over his back, arms, and hands, he is generally healthy (besides the slight malnourishment). His mother died this month and his grandfather is very elderly and is looking after him and his 15 year old sister. He has to go to work far away in the fields for food and money and cannot look after him. Freddie's sister is in school (YEAH!) and so unable to look after him as well. We are hoping to fatten him up a bit, let him grow, find more extended family, and reunite the family in a few years when his sister is older and out of school. For now, we will just love on this little tot. He really is too cute...and I think I've even seen a hint of mischief in him! Praise God for the safe arrival of another little one. Give us wisdom, grace, and mercy to help care for and raise him. Prosper him and bless him beyond his imagination. Call him to your throne and into your lap!

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