South Africa mailing address

Here it is...the much anticipated mailing address: I know how excited I am....I know you can hardly wait to run out to your nearest UPS store! :) My address in South Africa:

Suite 337,

Private Bag X11340,

Nelspruit 1200,

South Africa

UPDATE: This is NOT my permanent address. I am just "borrowing" the box for the moment. In another month, I will have the opportunity to go to South Africa and set up a mailbox with another missionary. Please address packages to Celia Mendes so they will be accepted! We choose to have post office boxes there, as the mail service is much more reliable in quickness as well as reliability of actually getting the items sent. Know, there is still a risk (much, much smaller) that the package will not make it. Also, be aware that the box may only be checked once a month as we simply give keys to whoever is going to SA to check everyone's mailbox. Non-perishables and things not sensitive to heat would be best in the food department. Please let me know if you sent something and I will be more vigilant in getting someone to check it for me. If you are interested in sending care packages, please contact my parents at ralph_e_welton@bellsouth.net ,as my mother will be coordinating this for me. I have given her a list of things that are helpful to have, hard to find here (or in SA), or just things I miss from back home, and she can forward it to you. She will best know whether I have just received a big package of toiletries and nonperishable food items would be best this time around, ect Of course if you just feel like sending some specific love or something God has placed on your heart...send away. I will not stop you! As always, thanks for all the support and prayers. They truly do keep me going at times.

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