the problem with oranges is....

Today I would really like to know why Mozambique has a problem with naming fruits.  Ok so they name fruits, but here’s the problem.  They call ALL things orange “oranges” (in Portuguese, of course).  But ALL things orange aren’t oranges.  And when I go to the market, or into the store and find the bin marked oranges and pick up an orange, I would like for it to BE an orange…not just something orange.  Now, sometimes I know it’s not really going to be an orange, cause of it’s size, but I don’t know what it is and everything in the bin is orange and looks exactly the same cause today these fruits are oranges.  It’s annoying.  Not only cause I want an orange when I want one…but also, because if I want one of those other fruits they also call oranges, I can’t specify and get that….it’s literally, just luck of the draw.  Here’s the options (so far as I have been surprisingly treated to):  an orange, a seedless orange, a blood orange (yes, I too had never had these things…it looks like an orange, it tastes like an orange, but slightly sweeter, but is REALLY REALLY red in the inside), a sharon fruit (same again and the spelling is probably wrong….it’s a really sweet orange that you can eat the peel and it doesn’t have seeds…basically you can eat it like an apple-although how would you know to DO that when you don’t know WHAT it IS), an undisclosed fruit that was orange I had yesterday (it was too sweet for an orange, looked like an orange, had seeds, you couldn’t eat the peel, and it was orange.  Hmm….).  Seriously, I got 3 “oranges” at the store on Friday out of the same bin labeled simply “laranja” and I got a orange, a sharon fruit, and an undisclosed fruit that probably has a name in reality.  There goes my I don’t question this culture thing….see, and that’s what you get when you open your mouth.  Although, of all the things to question…this is a VERY important one….can’t they just let their oranges BE oranges and their sharon fruit BE sharon fruit….I’m sure its Biblical…..

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