annoyance and updates

Let's just clarify: Today is Friday and Nemias was taken to the hospital last Sunday....he is still on ampicillan and gentamycin....the same antibiotics he was on for the LAST week he was in there just 2 wks ago.....are they really killing anything? I wonder. Good thing they won't really tell us anything. He is scheduled to have the antibiotics through friday at midnight and since he won't see a doctor all weekend, he'll be there till Monday, when they'll send him home again, just as sick and broke as before. He's still not really eating and is pretty listless and tired.....cause he's not eating...and not recieving iv fluids. To make things even better (first refer to my story below: operation moses basket) the campaign also went around to all hospitals and immunized the sick patients.....i still am in shock. He's laying there all weak and sick with uncontrolable fever and they aren't even treating him adequately and then they allow the ministry of health to give him a vacinne he's already had (and they know it cause they require him to have his yellow immunization card with him when he's in the hospital). Brilliant. I'm angry. Go immunize kids that need it!!!!!

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