New baby on board! That’s right….Lucilia’s here. She’s 1 month old and a little over 7 lbs. She’s super sweet and settling in nicely. She arrived Wed morning. Her mother was 16 and died from complications 2 weeks after delivery. Her extended family isn’t able to take care of her. In fact, for the last 2 weeks they had been feeding her Cremora which is an instant coffee creamer kind of stuff. But we have her now…and I’m allowing her to take real powdered formula…that we presto chango into leite (Portuguese for milk). She seems to like it, although it’s probably not as creamy (he he). Oh well. Sorry for the pic-she wasn’t really into the photo shoot I was giving her….too big of a day for her, I guess. I’m sure I’ll snap some cuter ones later, but you get the idea. Oh and I posted a pic (finally) of Martinha 3 a few posts below. She’s really adapting to her new environment and starting to thrive. So many new tots since I’ve arrived: Freddie, Alberto, Julio, Martinha 3, and now Lucilia. We’re busting at the seams! Please prayer as we make plans to open the new nursery at the end of November. Little Lucilia will be our first baby. It will give us 6 more beds (that I’m sure will be full soon). Also, there is one kid that has an adoption in the works (waiting on a date for him to be able to take him) and a few that will probably be reintegrated into their families by the close of the year. Pray for these changes-for the children affected, their families, and the other kids in the BH that lose a sister or a brother! The younger they are reintegrated, the easier on everyone it is and the better for the family. It’s also a more secure environment to grow up in, truer to the real Mozambique culture, and easier for the kid to adapt to the hard life they are going to face once they leave the center.

In other requests…..I have really felt led to pray for this upcoming election and for our Country. I hope you’re joining me in praying daily for these things. It’s been really heavy on my heart lately!

Just for fun: Pictures from the week

Lena and Enocue are sitting up!

Dionisio (aka Eyeore) too...and he is NOT happy about it....and he refuses to do so or at least cries about it...here he is right before the tears-because sitting up is an undeniably scary and torturous thing...i know.

And i finally got a few moments to PLAY with my tots...Mindah and I even took a girl time out for dolls and pretend kitchen in my room (she loves bonecas=dolls).

Also, as most of you know I had a wonderful respite time at Lisi Resort last weekend where I spent 2 nights and 3 days off the center in total bliss and quiet….lounging by the pool, sleeping in, reading books, sitting in a massage chair, curling up in big cushy couches, eating really yummy food, and basically just being a bum. I am refreshed. I have pics up on my photo journal (click on the link to the right) if you wanna see more!

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