Christmas Day (on the 18th)

Feliz Natal!
Merry Christmas from all of us (especially Chelisa and Dio) here in Maputo.

We've been very busy around here, so I haven't had time to upload Christmas pictures till now but I wanted to share them with you.  We were blessed with a coolish day (98 degrees) for Christmas (18th since we celebrated early).  We were all very thankful!

the bercario tots celebrating and opening presents.

Most of the Mozambican workers that serve our kids in the bercario and a few of the nurses that help me keep an eye on the kids.  All the tots from L to R:  Cleita in pink, Chelsia, Augustinho, Wesley, Lucia, and Francisco.

Then it was off the Baby House to open presents.  The kids all waiting so patiently for Pai Natal (Father Christmas) who was really a Mozambican in a very scary mask.  all the kids screamed in terror.  Bad idea.  So the mask was removed and we stayed with santa hats instead.

Dionisio opening presents with me.  He was a bit (ok alot) grumpy that day and demanded to be in my arms or on my lap all morning, lest he stomp his feet, shake his fists, squeal at the top of his lungs, and cry big crocodile tears mixed with sobs and hyperventilation.

Later there was Christmas chicken dinner with skits, dramas, dancing, and songs.

They LOVED the food and soda.  All the kids that have teeth and eat "big kid food" got a plate piled high with chicken, rice, coleslaw, fries, and sauce.

We fed over 500 people and still had 7 plates to spare.

guess someone got over their fear of food.
Dionisio chowing down on his first ever chicken wing without needing to be encouraged.

Julio and his mom came to celebrate Christmas with us.  He's doing pretty well, though scared that he's going to have to stay with us.  

Me with my favorite tias from the Bercario!  I love these women and have enjoyed watching them mature spiritually over the last year as well as a deeper relationship grow between us!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Chris said...

Again... it's amazing to see how many photos I recognise! U crack me up!

the overtons said...

i love the picture of julio and his mom. just melts my heart. praise God that he is doing well. did you get my email with sydneys picture for julio? and also, we will take another tot to pray for. thanks so much.

erin said...

chris...can i help it that you are my personal photographer? i think not. ;) remind me to up your pay when you return.

Rachel....i'll be emailing you hopefully next wk with a new tot to pray for! I did get that pic from Sydney! It's adorable. I'm going to print it and give it to him when I see him next time! Thanks.