Exciting opportunity to join me

I'm excited to announce a cool opportunity for you to support me in fundraising, my ministry in Mozambique, as well as spread God's love to friends and family.  I have a friend, Jaclyn, that I have met only in our many email conversations, blog comments, facebook/skype chats, and in our prayers for each other.  She is a wonderful Christian woman living in Malaysia.  She stumbled upon my blog many many months ago, began praying for me, encouraging me, and really pouring into my life.  Through the amazing technology we have today, we have become friends.  By training she is a graphic designer and has a wonderful servant heart.  One day a few months ago, she emailed me and said that the Lord had laid it upon her heart to use her giftings to partner with me and my ministry and help serve God's people.  She wanted to create Christian focused greeting cards that you could order online, download the pdf, and print from the comfort of your own home as many times as you wanted on any kind of material.  Some of them can even be personalized.  And she wanted to do this in order to DONATE 60% OF EACH AND EVERY SALE to my ministry!  She wanted to know if this would be ok!  What do you think I said???  Of course.  God and His provisions for our lives are amazing.  He is always faithful and good. 
So today, I have the privilege of announcing her website where you can do just that:  pick a design, personalize it if you wish, download the design, and print it on whatever type of card you choose as many times as you'd like all from the comfort of your own home while simultaneously SUPPORTING my ministry, serving God's precious children, and spreading the good news of God's love to those you love!  Please pass this link on to anyone and everyone you know who might use it.  The more the word gets out, the more money we can raise!  I will create a link to the website and put it in my sidebar to right so you will always have easy access.
**NOTE:  All of the proceeds I receive will go directly back into caring for the children I am serving in very tangible ways including buying food, clothes, life saving medicines, extra nutrition for our malnourished kids, medical supplies, cleaning supplies for our baby house medical clinic, and special cereals to thicken the feeds of 2 of our children that have difficulties with aspiration/reflux creating horrible chest infections.  When I begin home assignment back in the States June 2010 I will start saving the proceeds until I begin my next project in Mozambique Jan 2011....details are currently being worked out.  Thanks for all of your support!

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