The last days

Hundreds of laughs, kisses, and hugs.  A bazillion emotions.  How do you say goodbye to family?  How do you say goodbye to all the tots that have loved me so well, so unconditionally over these last 2 years?  I will miss them all.  But I know I will be back; on the continent of Africa; in Mozambique.  And I will visit them and delight in how much they have grown and changed; in what the Lord has done in their lives.  For now, it is time for rest and Sabbath and lots of learning for me.  I'm excited and scared and sad and expectant and 29 bazillion other things for the closing of this season and the coming of the next.  3.5 days left.  My room is packed away, lots has been donated and given away, and my bags are ready to go.  Now, all that is left is to play!!!!

In case you are wondering....that picture I'm holding up is SO precious.  They got all the Baby House tots (and half the tias) to ink each and every precious tiny finger and press it to the page to form a rainbow (the symbol for Arco Iris which is what the Mozambicans call Iris Ministries in Portuguese and it means rainbow). Their names are all written below their fingerprint contribution to the rainbow.  Isn't that so cool?  I'm amazed. What a wonderful way to remember them all!  Man it's going to be hard saying goodbye to all those adorable little fingers that reach out for me constantly, hug me, tickle me, give me high 5's, pinch my nose, pull my hair, grab my leg, don't wanna let go.  So sweet.  Just gotta remember that they too are in His hands, and I am blessed for the time I got to share with them and love them.  Now it's up to Him to make this leaving thing ok for them and for me.  I know He will carry me!

**A special thanks especially to Nancy, Chris, and others who have been amazing in helping me photo document these last few weeks.  I am forever grateful.**

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