The last few weeks

Well, I've been home for 7 weeks now.  Where has the time gone?  Yikes!  So WHAT have I been up to?  Well......

  • I'm mostly moved into Court's house in Nashville.....
  • I'm starting work on August 2nd at Baptist Hospital!  YEAH!
  • 2 weeks later I start (scary) graduate school
  • I (finally) started and completed my video covering my 2 years in Moz.....I'm pumped to share it with you cause it's all about God's love and His heart for missions and why YOU should be fired up too!, but you'll have to wait till most everyone that'll see it in person gets to see it first!  so there.  invite me to come see you and you'll see it a heck of a lot sooner!  (hint hint) ;)
  • I'm speaking at Pendleton United Methodist this Sunday
  • Next Sunday, I'm excited to be sharing with 4 services of first graders on the heart of missions at Fellowship Bible in Nashville 
  • I've been to a wedding shower, bachelorette party, and I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow
  • I've struggled with finding and deciding upon an individual medical plan which has litterally eaten up DAYS of my life that I will NEVER get back....but I think it will be settled by Monday.
  • I'm slowly processing the events over the last 2 days and mourning the loss of the closing of one chapter of my life and what now and the future are going to look like.....it's a process, a very slow process.  Thanks for bearing with me.
Well, it doesn't feel like a lot but it is and it's kept me busy, but I've been able to rest too!  I'm blessed and miss everyone and everything back in Moz, but I'm happy here too!  Thanks for all the prayers.....stay in touch!!!!



Maher Family said...

WOW!!! You have been real busy!!! You may need to kick back your feet and relax. What do you say?

erin said...

I have....but way less busy than when I was in Moz so it's a blessing, but I'm ready to start work and grad school! I have gotten plenty of rest too...physical and emotional!