The last month

Well, it's been almost a month since I last posted....somehow I don't feel like I have much to contribute here, but I owe it to everyone supporting and praying for me to update you on what I've been doing.....besides just adjusting.

I spoke at Pendleton United Methodist Church and shared about what I had been doing in Moz since my last visit, why I'm giving my life away to serve His people, and what I'm up to for this next year.  PUMC is always a joy to go visit and speak at cause it's the church I grew up in since I was 2.  My parents and sister still attend there and in typical small town church fashion, I know the majority of the members.  For such a small church, they support me in a big way and for that I'm blessed and thankful.

A few weeks ago I got to speak at Fellowship Bible Church here in Nashville.  They are my home church and have supported me before I left and continue to support me.  I love the heart of that church!  I was blessed to get to speak in a capacity I rarely get to speak in....they asked me to speak to the 1st grade classes during their 4 services as they had been doing a whole unit on missionaries, other countries, and God's heart for missions.  So I prepared a small slide show to visually show the kids how the life of the kids in Moz greatly differs from their own lives here.  Then I shared the heart of God for their brothers and sisters in Christ and encouraged them to find their own mission field here in Nashville, in their own neighborhoods and schools and to live out this verse (one of my favs):

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of the destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
-Proverbs 31:  8-9

As far as speaking engagements go...I have 2 more pinned down in September in Auburn, AL....one in a cultural class back at my old nursing school at Auburn University and at least once at the Christian fellowship group I was part of while in college, the Auburn Wesley Foundation.  I'm super excited about both of these opportunities and will give you more specific details soon when they are nailed down a bit better!

I started work 4 weeks ago and it's been good....ok not the 3 adult floor shifts I was forced to do (we all know how i feel about big people patients), but it's good and I'm excited about working there.....you wanna know 2 good reasons....a-FREE parking in downtown Nashville less than a block away from work....shut it!  I used to pay a ridiculous amount to go to work everyday.  Stupid big cities.  b-their mission statement is THIS: 
Rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer, we commit ourselves to serving all persons with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable.
Our Catholic health ministry is dedicated to spiritually centered, holistic care which sustains and improves the health of individuals and communities.
We are advocates for a compassionate and just society through our actions and our words.

And it's not just written down some place, or plastered on their walls, or put in pamphlets, or posted on their webpage (although you can find it in all of those places)....it's what they LIVE OUT and encourage you to LIVE OUT.  And in this day and age as a healthcare worker in a hospital setting, being able to openly ask my patient's families if i can pray with them is incredibly FREEING and exciting!

School started this week and is kicking my BUTT!!!!!  Ok, it's just going to take a bit of getting used to but, it's seriously a full-time job (think over 40 hours a week) and it's stressing me out a bit!  But I know this is God's plan and it's why I'm in the States for this season and I'm excited about the classes I'm taking.  So, I'm attempting to make the most of it.  The classes are going to be a huge blessing and are so applicable.  This semester I'm taking 4:  Environmental health in resource limited environments (all about water and sanitation and stuff like that); Nutrition in resource limited environments (how nutrition affects disease processes and how to be nutritious in places where food is severely lacking); Maternal child health (pregnancy and children in developing nations); and Refugees and internally displaced persons' health (topics especially related to this special population)  Prayers over the next 8 weeks as I finish this round of classes would be much appreciated....especially when I start working night shift and more of my time is eaten up by work and sleeping!

I know I say it often, but it's because it's true.....thank you for all the support and prayers ya'll give me. I am truly blessed and cannot thank you all enough!


Jessica said...

Love you Erin...I'm so proud of everything you have been doing. Let me know if you find time to watch an auburn game with me.

erin said...

I would love to. We should have dinner sometime soon too. Grad school really is kicking my butt. Weekends are best, but I could probably swing a weeknight too!