5 months in

I’ve been here for 5 months.  I can’t even believe it’s been that long as I type this.  It doesn’t seem that it’s been that long (though it seems that long since I’ve seen my friends/family).  There have been ups and downs, but God has provided and everything always works out perfectly for His good in the end.


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  It seems like I’ve had no time lately.  Things that have been going on:  I updated a bunch of our medical protocols for the new Mozambican nurse that started almost 2 wks ago and translated them into Portuguese (with the help of my trusty English-Portuguese dictionary).  I’m trying to create a binder for her of protocols and simple disease and childhood problems, remedies, how to treat as a nurse, ect.  I’m also trying to create a binder for an eventual successor or anyone else that just has to fill in with norms of the BH, common stuff we see as well as childhood diseases and tropical medicine(more on the medical stuff), signs and symptoms, treatments, protocols, resources (internet sites, ect).  It’s a big task, but will definitely be helpful in the future.  I’ve also been updating children’s charts-creating a system and order to each of them (so you can find stuff in them and everyone’s is the same), adding a social history and important medical history for the kid, as well as common medical problems list for each with what works/what doesn’t, and what to look out for.  I’m starting to type up important nursing notes/events for the kids as well and put that in.  It’s monotonous and takes forever….but I’m getting there.  Very, very slowly, but getting there.  I started training (30 hrs a week) with the new Mozambican nurse (who doesn’t speak a word of English).  It’s intense (for me) and tiresome.  I’m still praying for patience.  It’s going super slow as well, as they are very much on a different level, then with the language barrier.  Well, at least someone’s learning something. 


Next I’m tackling teaching 6 new tias for the new nursery next week.  Things like bottle making, storing, how to feed a kid, how to bathe a kid, how to pick a kid up, do’s and don’t in caring for a child, child development, cleaning, health concerns/safety…ect……some of it is beyond basic, but it’s breaking the cycle of cultural norms.  Unfortunately, you have to consider that although 4 year olds here start caring for babies it’s not the BEST idea ever….it’s out of necessity.  They start doing this young, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all ok.  Consider why the infant mortality rate is so high.  Common sense here is nonexistent.  It’s not good to pick a child/baby up by their arm and carry them that way……or things like you should actually wash your hands after changing a diaper but before feeding the newborn a bottle (not just drink a liter of milk at the end of the week).  Some are superstitions, some are cultural norms.  Some are ok, some is out of lack of education, some are absurd.  So I’m helping out with that and we hope to have the new nursery open by the 17th of November with Lucilia as our first official baby.  Prayers for all that is definitely welcomed and warranted.


I have two friends coming to visit me in less than 3 weeks:  Courtney and Katie.  Woohoo!  Just so you know, they are currently in a tie for first place in the category of friend of the year award, since they are actually coming to see me for 22 days.  And….we are going on Safari to Kruger park in South Africa, and we’re going to see a bit of Swaziland, and we’re going to visit Macaneta beach (where I stayed earlier in the year for a respite) and we’re going to play on Inhaca island for a day (island off mozambique).  I’m excited.  5 nights/6 days off the center.  Woohoo.  Too much fun.  The rest of the time, they’ll just be stuck here with me and 350 kids….what to do, what to do…..


And….drum roll…..I’m working out details to come back to the States for a little visit.  Take out your pencils and calendars now please (note I said PENCILS).  I’m still working out the details and exact dates are tbd, but sometime the last wk of Jan or first wk of Feb….for close to 6 wks….I know.  Extreme excitement.  Tears of Joy.  Me too.  I’m excited to see everyone, pray lots about where God wants me next, be filled and blessed by all my wonderful friends and family, share what God’s doing, and simply catch up on your lives.  Stay tuned for more later.  Yeah. 


Ok, so a lot’s been going on and more business to come as we get through these holiday seasons.  Hopefully I’ll have more time to blog soon!

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