Back in Moz

Well, I made it safely back to Moz via (are you ready??):  Charlotte-Boston (x5 days with family)-London-Lisbon (overnight x20 hrs for shower/food/sleep)-Frankfurt-Johannesburg-Maputo.  Can you believe that I had absolutely NO excess luggage charges despite that according to 3 of my flights I had $300 worth (they NEVER weighed a single bag)???  And can you believe that when I arrived in Maputo, they simply scanned ALL my bags (including my purse) in an xray machine and sent me on my way....they did NOT open a SINGLE bag and plunder through it asking for bribes and a hundred answers like normal!  Whoa.  Miracle.  Praise the Lord.  I always bring back tons of meds and supplies that we can't get here but I'm always worried they will get stolen, lost, or taken.  Not a single piece of my luggage was lost and not a single item was misplaced or stolen!  I am so thankful!
I was able to sleep through the weekend since I thankfully never have jet lag but also never sleep on planes.  So I had a lot of sleep to catch up on after travelling from Boston to Maputo over 4 days!!!  Yikes!  Now I'm starting to have meetings with the director and heads over the areas of kids I take care of as well as the nurses that covered for me to get updates and changes and spot problems.  Then I'll start to work on piecing everything together and forming a game plan.  We had 2 children reintegrated while I was gone, 2 moved up to the girl's dorm, and 5 new admits!  Wow.  I have a lot to catch up on!  Please be in prayer for all these children, families, and the workers in the areas they are now living in.  It's always an adjustment for everyone!  Pray for me as I take back over my area and get to know these new little ones.  Pictures soon! 
Also, the Sunday before last, one of our HIV + 12 year olds died in his sleep.  He had just started feeling sick that day and had been healthy and stable otherwise.  Please pray for the missionaries, workers, and nurses that took care of him (as it is always a shock when one of our children die), the families and friends of the child who are mourning his loss, and for the other children on the center with HIV as there are a lot of superstitions surrounding death and HIV.  We do not want our children to fear either but to hear and accept the truth and be comforted by our mighty God that is in control of all things!
I will update you on my time at home asap with pictures.  I had such a restful, peaceful, productive time, despite the fact that I was rarely in one place for more than 5 days!  Thank you for all the support, meals, coffees, beds, and conversations you gave me!  You are all a blessing to me!  I am happy to be back in Mozambique though and can't wait to get back to loving on these children!

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