Hey everyone. Sorry I've been absent from the blogworld for the last 6 weeks. I've been really trying to focus on rest, friends, family, fellowship, and spending time with my Heavenly Father! I'm heading back to Mozambique on Oct. 13. I will arrive, finally, on Oct. 16th. Please pray for travelling mercies as I'm taking 5 different flights and over-nighting in Lisbon, Portugal for 20 hours. Pray everything goes smoothly, all my luggage makes it safely, and I stay SANE (remember how much I hate flying).

I've uploaded my recent update video of my last 6 months in Moz. If you didn't get a chance to see it in person while I was in town, I would love for you to get to view it now. If you are new to this blog and never viewed the first one, please click on the video in the right hand column. It will give you a better idea of where I'm serving, the ministry I'm serving with, and the culture I'm living among.

My latest video alludes to how I'm praying about the future and changes to come. At the present I am committed to finish up my 2nd year with Iris Ministries in Maputo, Mozambique. My plan is to return back home at the beginning of June 2010 and spend at least 3 months at home, sharing with each of you, resting, and switching gears. The Lord has really laid it on my heart that He has been preparing me to move out of the center and more into the community to serve those in a deeper need. I have been serving in a children's center that is only 45 minutes from the best medical care the country has to offer (however meager it may be). But there are still many, many others in Mozambique that have to walk over 10 miles each way to see any kind of medical professional that may or may not have the life saving drugs or equipment to help them. The last 2 years has been absolutely amazing and such a blessing. I have learned tons about the language, culture, tropical medicine, pediatrics, the medical system here in Moz, as well as myself and my God. It has been so good to have a huge support family at Zimpeto and learn it all in such a safe environment. I do not know the exact timing or how or where (in Mozambique), or what this will look like, but I know there will be some changes-just waiting on God's timing for all of this. Please join me in prayer for wisdom and discernment in these areas. I have been blessed beyond words over the last 1.5 years with all your prayers, encouragement, wisdom, support, and finances. Thank you so much! I pray God blesses each of you as well.

Also, thanks again to each and every one of you that blessed me over these last 6 weeks while I was home resting up. You were each amazing. I loved sharing time, meals, memories, coffee, and God with you. I especially appreciate everyone who opened their homes to me! I cannot thank you enough. I look forward to being home again next summer and (hopefully) sharing the next step in His plan for my ministry in more detail!

Mozambique: March-August 2009 from Erin Welton on Vimeo.

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