Black Elderberry and the flu

Since it's flu season in the States and I love you all, I thought I'd pass on some very helpful information I recently received.  I have not trialed this personally, but have spoken with several who have used it tried and true for many years now and said it is a miracle worker and works as well as tamiflu, if not better and a lot cheaper.  You better believe that I grabbed two bottles and brought them with me to Africa and now have them for safe keeping just in case.  If you go into most drug stores (haven't seen it in grocery stores, walmart, or target) and down the cold and flu aisle you will probably be able to find a product called Sambucol or Black Elderberry.  If you don't, ask the pharmacist if they carry it.  I found it in Rite Aid and heard CVS (didn't check walgreen's) carries as well as well as most healthfood stores and GNC but you'll pay double the price at least at these places.  All you need is 1-2 pills a day as soon as you start feeling flu symptoms and reportedly you get better and symptoms disappear within 1-3 days as opposed to 5+ days.  I have heard that although the label says you can chew it or just hold it in your mouth until it dissolves that it works much better if you just suck on it until it's gone.  The taste is reminiscent of blueberries and not bad at all.  I researched it myself and have included a link to Wiki ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sambucus and scroll down to medicinal uses unless you are a nerd like me) that will give you few facts about the trials done and how and why it works.  Also, there's a website about it as well called www.blackelderberry.info  It works for Influenza A and B per several proven studies....should work for H1N1 because of how it works and how viruses replicate, but no research at present....that's just me talking.  Technically it should work period with any thing that is viral, but I don't know if much research has been done on other illnesses (besides the flu) that are caused by viruses.  But I think it's worth a try with so many of you getting sick!  I believe you can even take it preventively 1x/day.  There aren't side effects and it's safe for adults and children.  Just thought you'd like to know I'm looking out for ya'll....even if you are all older than my preferred peds patients!  Oh and feel free to pass on the free knowledge.  Let me know what you think if you end up trying it or if you have or know people that have.  I'm always up for learning more on homeopathic remedies.....I mean I love meds and all, but they aren't for everything or everyone and they come with their own set of problems as well!


Michele said...

Dear Erin, You info. about Black elderberry was quite providentional. Micah got sick the Friday before you sent it and Gabrielle the Sunday after. M & G were sick for 5 days w/ fever of 102 and usually flu complaints.I started Johnny on the Sambucol and w/in 2 days he was afebrile, felt better w/ minimal upper resp. s/s. Thank you so much. I have passed the info. on to many. God Bless. Michele

erin said...

i'm so glad to hear that it helped someone and that it works. :)