Guess who else has a forever home?

I asked you to pray for another child and his potential family after Eliana got adopted by Amelia. We prayed that it would go through and everything would be worked out. Well, today I get to announce that everything is done and worked out.

Yeah! It’s Mateus. He was found abandoned on the streets November 3, 2006 by the local police and brought to us. He was extremely malnourished and had malaria. We guestimated his age to be a little over a year old at the time. We have never found any family. We gave him a name, a birth date, and a home. He was nursed back to health, all the while being prayed and loved into a healthy 3 year old boy! Today, he is just that-all boy. He’s energetic, sweet, smiley, wild, and into everything. He thrives from one-on-one attention and loves hugs! One of the pastors that works for us and his wife took a strong liking to him and started visiting him in the baby house. The other kids started calling him his dad. Tracey (the BH director) asked him what he thought about it and whether they considered adopting him….he replied that his wife really liked Mateus and that they were praying about it. They have a number of other children of their own as well. They started taking Mateus home for visits on the weekend about 2 months ago. He loved it! He hated coming back and would scream and cry and kick and then act out for a few days, throwing temper tantrums because he’s 3 and doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. It broke our hearts to see him like that. They decided that they are definitely adopting him, the paperwork is in progress and TOMORROW, Mateus is leaving to go LIVE with them FOREVER! He’s very excited. We are all even more excited that a child that was once discarded, who didn’t even have a name or birthday, is being taken in to a wonderful loving home that loves the Lord. They are giving him a home, a family, brothers and sisters, a mom and dad, a future, and a life. Hooray for adoption!!!! We’ll miss him dearly, but we’ll get to see him around (since his daddy works here)! Pray for Mateus and his new forever family-their adjustment. Pray for blessings, patience, love and mercy. Pray for the kids here that have watched him grow with them in the BH as a brother and are saying goodbye to him tomorrow!

We have two more that are 4 year olds that may be reintegrated by or right after Christmas time this year. This means they are going to be reunited and live with their REAL families. Hooray for this. More details when it actually happens, but be in prayer for these two girls and their families, that they will come through and show up to bring them home with them; that the girls will each adjust well to being back at home and that the family will as well.

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