O Bercario esta aberto! (OR the Nursery is open!)

Give me one pure and holy passion

And give me one magnificent obsession

Give me one glorious ambition for my life

To know and follow hard after You.

To know and follow hard after You

To grow as Your disciple in the Truth

This world is empty, pale, and poor

Compared to knowing you my Lord

Lead me on and I will run after You

Lead me on and I will run after You.

-lyrics by Mark Altrogge

The brand spankin new Bercario (nursery) opened today! Yes, it really opened on Monday, but this time it was official; complete with tea, biscuits (cookies), and refrescos (soda). Today was the change of shifts so both sets were here (they rotate every four days on and off). We prayed for the nursery and babies and what God was doing in this place. We prayed over all the workers. This is exciting not only for Iris and the many, many babies that will come through this small place, but for me as well. My heart is with the smallest and most defenseless and here they will be loved into the Father’s arms, into big healthy fat babies that will graduate into the BH. Bem Vendo (welcome)……

The Bercario.

Girls from the girls dorm have been taking sewing lessons with Betty and helped make the curtains, all the linens, quilts, and blankets for the babies.

Betty’s husband Bob has been helping some boys learn carpentry. They made all things wooden for the nursery including the cabinets and all the cribs.

Hilda (1/2 of the husband/wife director pair for the Bercario) giving out Bibles to all the tias and cleaners.

Dionisio sleeping away….look at that perfect NICU positioning…..ok, so I didn’t show them how to do this, but I’m proud all the same.

Lucilia enjoying her extra plush bassinette.

I have to say a big thank you to my friend PJA for donating money for all the mobiles. They are beautiful and D and L love them.

I have a few more donations rolling in to help out the nursery and can’t wait to go pick out some good toys, mats, and developmental stuff. I praying for the time to do it asap! J Samaritan’s Purse donated the rest of the money for the construction and everything else you see to start this nursery off right. Lucilia and Dionisio have really settled in this week and Dionisio has actually (Praise God) gained a whole ounce this week. He is now the heaviest he has ever been in his entire life. He’s eating 3 meals a day and sleeping through the night. Go D! I’m praying for continuing patience of the tias with him, me as I am still teaching them a lot, and over the nursery as a whole-that it would be a peaceful place filled with the Holy Spirit, a safe, quiet space for these tiniest orphans to grow and be loved on.

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Maputobound said...

Thanks SO MUCH for posting the photos! So awesome to see the new nursery open with kids! Thinking of you. . .