Emily's time here

Emily, my dear friend that came to visit me for 2.5 wks, left a few days ago....I wanted to share with you a few things we did while she was here, besides going on outreach, admitting 3 babies to the Bercario, helping me take Jaime to the hospital to be admitted, and then to visit him 2x.

She brought quite a few books that her mom, one of my good friends and prayer partners, had sent....here's her and Dionisio enjoying reading time. Amazingly, D, who NEVER goes to anyone EVER that he does not know and love, went straight up to her the very first day when she entered the Bercario, pulled himself up and lifted his hands up in the air to be picked up....when she didn't respond immediately, he started screaming and crying to her....then he proceded to play and laugh and smile with her. Even the tias were amazed. This continued pretty much the entire time she was here. The background for this is that her mother and father has been Dionisio's prayer parents for the last few months.
This is where D, spent the last week....he's been very crabby of late cause he's cutting his two upper 1 yr molars. He frequently crawls into my lap to snuggle or just lay his head down. Pretty untypical for him. It's that or he has his little paws attached to my clothes following me around the Bercario until I'm out the door. He's learned my name. It's "Ermnin" and it's cute. He can now successfully take 5 steps without falling down...though with me in the room, it's only a lunge foward, head diving towards me with his feet firmly planted where you put him....though everyone else claims he actually takes steps....hmmmmm
Emily helped me to make a growth chart for my kids. She bought this one and brought it over. We made little name plates for all the kids, put stickers on them, and laminated them. The kids loved it! And now, they can watch themselves grow.
Here's me with a few of the kids, measuring how tall they are.

Me and Nemias dancing in Church....we were doing handmotions to the Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes, Yes, Lord song....but in Portuguese....and i was still getting my caffeine fix for the AM....so I was only doing one hand! he he
I'm already missing Emily and feel very very blessed we have had the opportunity to meet again, get to know each other, and become good friends in such a short time. She was such a blessing to me while she was here! Can't wait to see you again when I'm back in the States Em!!!

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