God is Good....all the time

God has been doing some pretty amazing things around here lately. I feel like most of my recent posts have been prayer related since we've had a few tots sick. So i really felt the need to share some praise reports......We had a man named Stephen Lungu come visit us. He's an amazing man of God who has been radically changed. He is a Zimbabwean man who now is leadership of a ministry called African Enterprises. He wrote a book, I hope to read soon called, Out of the Black Shadows. Anyway, while he was here he really ministered to our Mozambican staff, youth, and children on the center, sharing His testimony and how God mightily changes people. Many of our workers were saved. One being our Muslim tia that works in the Bercario. She has such a quiet sweet spirit and I am so happy for her. Since then, we have started discipleship once a week with any staff that would like to learn more about the Bible and how to continue a relationship with God. The bercario staff, including her, and my Mozambican nurse are attending. They have recieved their very own Bible and are excited about the classes. While Stephen was here, he was able to secure a contact with a man that can help him and African Enterprises come into the country. It is an amazing ministry that spends 3 years laying ground work before they hold a massive conference to revitalize and evangelize the country. They come and train thousands of pastors and lay leaders in the country to be on the ground during that time, how to disciple people after they are saved, how to pray for new believers, how to get them plugged into the church. They pray with business men, goverment leaders, doctors, lawyers, and anyone who will listen to spread His name in the time leading up to the conference. Then they bring 4000 evangelists into the capital city of the country and hold many many revivals all at the same time all over the city for 3 months culminating into a massive revival in one arena. Their goal is to evangelize every African country and they have been trying to get into Mozambique for years now. So they planning has started and they are shooting for 2012 now.

At the moment there is an amazing team from South Africa that is on the base. They have such an annointing and have been really ministering to our missionary team and speaking Truth into our lives. The Holy Spirit has been very present this week. Tonight at church we just worshiped and worshiped and worshiped some more....no one was ready to quit. We were singing a song in Portuguese that has the lines in it "open the floodgates of heaven, let it rain" over and over again, crying out. Suddenly, I could hear this beautiful sound and it sounded like English, it grew stronger and stronger and stronger, spreading throughout the church until all the children were singing together in unison to the exact same tune in perfect English, a song that no one else knew including the worship team:
"Jesus, you are Holy,
Holy, Holy,
Send your fire,
Holy fire!"
They were shouting it in the most perfectly clear English, in unison, with gorgeous voices. Over and over and over. Most of the kids don't speak English. It was amazing, and completely spontaneous, and Spirit led.

Please continue to pray for our ministry here, our staff members, youth and children, who have recently accepted the Lord, for coverage over our base. We are so blessed at the moment! Also continue prayers for Jaime. I am planning on visiting him in the hospital on Saturday and will update more then!

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