update on Latifo

Semi false alarm.....well by the hospital's standards. He continued vomitting lung crud while there. They did a chest x-ray, a few other tests, gave him a nebulizer treatment, and are sending him back home to us on, guess what?? All the exact same treatments/medications I had initiated on him, and a bonus parting gift.....an antibiotic. Because what can't antibiotics cure? Apparently, in Mozambique....absolutely nothing. That being sad-I believe in the power of Vitamin B & C so he's getting some extra doses, plus the magically useless antibiotics, prednisone, nebulizer treatments every 4 hrs around the clock except for the one I'm skipping at 4am during the night. Please pray for our staff to stay healthy and full of energy while caring for him, as most of our staff has been getting hit themselves with the nasty flu and cold! Pray for Latifo to get better and better with each hour and that he will continue getting rid of the junk in his lungs (by his choice method..."vomiting") while not accidentally breathing any of it into his lungs (a real risk). Pray that he won't pass these on to any more children or that no others will be affected by it in the same way! Thanks for praying.....we are clearly not out of the woods, just a hospital stay for the moment!

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