The name game

I get this email update about 1-3 times a day.  It's a world medical site that sends me a friendly update on all the extremely serious and very important bacteria, fungus, viruses ect that are lurking in our world and are making their mark.  They tally the number of reported cases and tell me about epidemiology...where this thing is going, came from exactly and how.  They give me signs and symptoms, severity, and possible outcomes.  Well, somewhere along the way I must have gotten on the agriculture and animal list cause I don't care one darn bit about a weird fungus on some obscure type of cucumber in a tiny country I've never heard of....but they think it's important to me, cause I must have checked (or most likely, didn't uncheck) the box.  Now, some of you are wondering why I even receive this email.....answer:  cause I live in a 3rd world country and deal in tropical medicine daily.  It's kinda important for me to know the latest on the cholera epidemic or what countries now have polio in it or....well, you get it....that weird ebola like virus that was heading our way killing a few.  anyway, the point is....they sometimes give me information I need to know.  and sometimes, it's comic relief.  the names of some of these things are hysterical.  or maybe just why someone cares about it.  I could uncheck some boxes somewhere in my profile, but then you and I would be deprived of such hilarity.  I'm going to begin trying to give you a list of names of fun diseases you never knew existed 1x a week so you can enjoy my world.  Like the dreaded stripe rust disease....coming to a store near you in the UK....don't eat the wheat bread!  scary....and clearly it's a bad week for wheat cause in New Zealand they're having problems with the wheat virus...and that my friend, means that white bread is probably having some celebratory party somewhere making it their best week ever.  And all you in the US with access and contact with bats, better watch out for the ultra-scary white-nose syndrome.  Also, there's an outbreak of undiagnosed whale deaths in the US....my bet is pollution or global warming though.  And I leave you with my last one for the week:  Russia has had an outbreak of African swine fever.  But hallelujah the local outbreak on the pig farm has been erradicated.  No worries here....eat more pork!

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