Who sews??

**update: here's two links on how to make thecloth baby books (for the few that are asking me) and another of an example of what i'm looking for (just for ideas)

also...baby activity mats/quilts with rings, velcro, flaps for hiding things/lifting, mirrors, different patterns/shapes/numbers/letters/animals would be great as well! I can't find a good online example but surely you know what i mean...the blankts you throw on the floor and stick a baby on so they can explore all the cool things attached to the blanket and play! Ok, thanks for all the interest!**

Calling upon all my faithful readers to help me out a little. Anyone have contacts or are in any sewing circles?? Maybe even girl scout troops needing to work on a sewing badge (do people even do this anymore)?? or maybe you just sew yourself?? I'm looking for some soft cloth books for some of my younger tots. They are hard to find over here in Moz and SA. I've looked. When I do find them they tend to be quite expensive. In SA, we can find the thick cardboard books but my under 2's love to shove everything in their mouth and are, quite frankly, a little too rough with them...so cloth seems to hold up the best. Plus they LOVE feeling all the different textured materials, and looking at the different patterns, colors, shinyness, ect. A friend (thanks Amy) sent me one and it has been a giant hit so I'm looking for some more....of course, if anyone has some gently used ones....we'd take those two. I don't care if they have words or not since they aren't of reading age...it just gives them something else to look at and play with. So who's up for sewing some baby books?? It would be a great project. hint hint. Email me or comment if you have ideas or could help us out!

On a 2nd note...I'm back from SA with some pics to add to this post (or a 2nd one) soon. It was a great quiet time. I got tons of shopping done for the kids....there's just some things we CAN'T get in moz...strike that. make it LOTS of things. Anyway, I have some developmental toys for the tots in the bercario that are outgrowing the baby toys we have in there (since that's the age it was designed for). I also bought some more medical stuff...how exciting...I know. it is for me too. Most importantly this weekend was just about rest, in all capacities. I am now much healthier as well and almost done with this last course of antibiotics which I'm praying is going to do the job. On a negative note, my back has been giving me some trouble for the last few days....go figure. If it's not one thing, it's another. But it's much more manageable. So that's what I'm doing. Managing. Thanks for all the prayers!

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