Viral overload

What do you do when 19 out of 31 tots in a house have fever???.....good question.  Well, run around like crazy taking temperatures and giving meds is what you do.  Yup, I lined them up, felt everyone's forehead to narrow down the group to actual kids that might have a fever.  Then I got out my trusty thermometer and went to town, taking about 15-20ish temperatures every 3 hours.  Then, calculating doses based on their weights, I alternated ibuprofen and paracetamol (the European version of Tylenol).  We hauled out the mattresses and placed them on the floor and for the last 3 days they have been covered with kids that don't feel good.  It started out with 7.....then the number just grew and grew and grew.....till.....well, 19 has been the most at one time.  I love toddlers with fevers.  They are so fun to be around.  No sarcasm on this one......not even a single drop.  good thing the majority of them love taking medicine.  right......so when you thought is was bad with one or two feverish, miserable, snotty-nosed, fluey toddlers, sit secure in the knowledge that it could always, always be much much worse.  Darn the dang viruses.  Smile emoticon  I'm praying today was the worst and it's only downhill from here.....cause apparently, it's just a little contagious.

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Amy said...

Wow...I'm am feeling for you right now. I know how my two react and I wouldn't even want to try to deal with more sickies than that! Hope the virus leaves quickly!