Won't you adopt one of my babies??

If you haven't yet "adopted" one of my precious tot in prayer yet.....well, here's your chance. Most of you have heard about this project I'm working on: having all of my little ones covered in prayer by matching them up to a family, couple or individual that will commit to praying for them during this year. Currently, I only have 15 tots covered. I'm looking for double that please. Pray about it whether or not this is the way you could be apart of my ministry......plus, who can resist these stinkingly cute faces???

These precious faces need prayer families.....well, actually Mindah's already been taken by my sweet friend Amanda, but look at that face....she can work it (Mindah not Amanda). :) But Julio and Adilson are prime candidates.....along with about 15 other tots that are equally as cute. They all have a different story that I would love to share with you. Come on, you know you have just a few minutes a week to invest, interceding for my children. Email me or leave a comment and I'll set you up with a child. You can pick or I can pick for you. It's up to you! Make my day (and their's too).

ps....i swear i DID NOT tell them to do this....they just did it of their own cute manipulative behavior to try and get me to put down the camera and play some more with them....it worked!

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