What a difference the simple things make

Study this picture. What do you see? Do you see two children the same age within a month of each other (2.5 yrs)?? Do you see two children with the same problem diagnosed within just weeks of each other? What's the difference/.....well, i'll tell you.
The picture of my two tots below are Lorenco and Latifo. Both contracted HIV from their mothers at birth. Both are the same age...and both were just diagnosed with HIV themselves. Scroll back a few posts and find the picture of Latifo on the day he came back to us from the hospital. That's what he looked like before coming to us...this is just weeks later. The difference is simple, yet so vital for these children. The difference is really good nutrition and medical care. HIV is a death sentence for children that are untreated. They only live about 2-3 years. Both of these guys are beating the odds. One has severe malnutrition and ends stage AIDS. The other one, just Tuberculosis and HIV. But Lorenco (the bigger and healthier) has been with us for the last year of his life. Oddly enough, he's been tested 4 times as we've thought all along it was possible he was positive...they were all NEGATIVE. Praise the Lord, that he was protected and in our care during this time or his prognosis would be so much worse than it is. It's funny and sad how such a simple thing like food and medicine could make such a difference....but the proof is in the picture. Latifo has just finally able to stand while holding onto something in the last 2 weeks and he's learned to "crawl" which is really a butt shuffle that he sits and shuffles across the floor to get where he wants. As he grows stronger and healthier he'll have the energy and muscles to do more and more developmentally appropriate things. Please pray for these 2 kids as they have both just started on treatment for HIV and tuberculosis and they are really strong meds that leave the kids feeling nauseous, vomitting, tired, shakey, achey, and worse. Pray they are protected from illnesses that would let the HIV rapidly mulitiply while their body is fighting off other infections. Pray that they grow stronger and healthy and come more alive with each and every passing day!

Ok, one more request here too....little Adeliade (go back 2 or 3 posts for more info and a picture below) is struggling and sick. She's only had a day or two without fevers since admission and now she's having nose bleeds, and really large lymph nodes pop up. We know she is HIV positive (or at least that her mom had it and Addie has been exposed), but it's also possible that she has Tuberculosis as well. She's just 11 weeks old and so tiny. Please pray for wisdom and discernment in how to treat her medical for myself as well as the HIV clinic's staff that help us. Pray for her health and strength as well. She has a long road in front of her and while meds might be the only option we have even at this young of an age, they are really nasty strong meds for such a little tykette!

Well, I'm off to South Africa this weekend for a whole 4 days of rest and relaxation! Pray for my quiet times to just sit in the presence of the Lord and hear him speak. Pray for me to relax, be rejuvenated, and REST! I've been sick 3 times since I've arrived back safely and am on my 2nd round of antibiotics (I previously haven't taken antibiotics in 7 years). It's just little things, but I can't seem to get over them and just better! Ok, off to pack for the weekend. Will post after my return! Thanks for all the prayers.
**Pictures courtesy of Anna B**

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