Addie's Children's day present

Addie passed away last night an hour before Children's Day was officially over.  My comfort last night was knowing that she isn't suffering anymore and that Jesus is now loving on her and rocking her in His arms.  The tia with her over the weekend took 2 videos with her phone to show us how Addie looked as she was so concerned.  Poor tiny Addie was struggling for each and every breath, retracting to her backbone and just laying there all lifeless.  I wish I had been able to visit her this week and pray over her and hug on her more, but the intensive care doesn't allow female visitors so her tia had to suffice.  She turned 4 months this past Saturday.  I know Adelaide wasn't with us for very long, but I'm still pretty heartbroken over the loss of this sweet child.  Maybe, I'm just more frustrated with what we can and cannot do here.  Please pray for Addie's family this week.  She has 2 brothers and a sister.  Her father has lost his wife and child in less than 3 months to the same disease.  I don't think he's been tested for HIV yet either, despite my pleading and stressing how important it is.  I'm sure this event won't encourage him anymore.  There's a myth here that once you find out you are positive, you are going to die....and soon....some pretty much just lay down and wait.  It's really really sad and a horrible case of misinformation!  I pray for comfort, encouragement, hope, and peace to this family this week.  As one of my fellow missionaries said last night, Addie got the best Children's Day present of all.  And it's the truth!
Thanks to each of you who have been praying with us for almost a month now.  It's been a long hard month for me and our team.  I'm tired and a little discouraged.  God's timing is perfect however.  And I'm glad her struggle is over.  I've been planning a rest break for this coming weekend to Swaziland for 3 nights.  I pray I am refreshed and encouraged and filled with hope when I return on Monday!  
In His hands,
Erin Welton   


Anonymous said...

Oh, Erin, our hearts are rejoicing for Addie and so saddened for you and Addie's family. We cannot imagine the sorrow you are feeling. I fell in love with this little angel over your blog and prayed for her daily. I will continue to lift you up in the days to come that the God of all comfort will hold you close and soothe your heart. Much love, Suzanne Kroeker (FBC)

Amy said...

I am so sorry about little Addie! We are still praying for you and all of your babes!