Well I'm back (from Swaziland) and 1.5 wks have gone by and i'm just getting around to this....warning: you are about to be inundated with several posts regarding my time in Swaziland for rest, my outreach to the bush with 2 of the missionaries here as well as my friend Emily that's visiting, and 2 new babies that we are priveledged and blessed to love on and care for. But first, here's some pictures I promised you.

I had an amazing time with Anna (missionary nurse here for 6 months from Holland helping me in the baby house and running the HIV program). It was quiet, and restful, and peaceful, and just what i needed after the twins leaving and Addie's death. I was really blessed and restored. Thanks for all the prayers you lifted up and encouraging emails you sent during that time! You are an amazing family to me!

Me on our front porch of the cabin where we stayed

Getting to know my horse for 90 minutes, Neo....can you tell he's excited?
Neo and me enjoying a trail ride

Yup, Anna came along for the ride too

We stayed on a nature reserve with antelopeish animals and zebras....we could drive around and hike safely....here's our beautiful view
Me enjoying the gorgeousness of Swaziland
We went kayaking too...and it was wet and freezing.....

Then we took a sunset drive to see more of Swaziland.

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