It's friday again??

Well, it's been one of those weeks.  You know the ones were you go away for the wkend and when you get back have tons to catch up on and next thing you know it's friday again?  Well, that was this week.  Looking back, I don't even remember what I did.  I do know and remember that I had a fabulous, restful, and beautiful weekend in Swaziland and I am so much more at peace at the present.  I pictures and I'll post them soon....sure you don't believe me, but I will...promise.  just remember that I operate on african time, which means my statement could be correctly translated to someday.
I arrived home safely Monday night, went to a dinner in the city with some missionaries to say goodbye to one of our long-termers, Rachel who is going back to the States to spend a year in a Bible Mission School.  Then I worked my little tail off all week, and now it's friday.  I have a friend here, well, she's the daughter of a close friend and mentor that I met while volunteering in Nashville.  We hit it off and I miss her lots!  Anyway, she has a daughter that's my age and apparently we act alike, have the same humor and mannerisms, and we are both nurses that worked in the neonatal icu.  I heard tons and tons about Emily and finally got to meet her right before coming out her a little over a year ago.  Emily and I have kept in touch my email and she decided to come out here to spend a little time with me, this culture, and my kids!  Also, her heart is to truly help us in the baby house with medical stuff while here....I've made a list.  he he.  I haven't sprung it on her yet though.  And she's already helped by bringing me a huge suitcase full of important life saving meds and supplies I can't get here and fun stuff for the kids!  I'm so excited, I can't wait to go through it all!  But first, we are headed off to the bush tomorrow bright and early.  We are going with one of my fellow missionaries, Celia, 3 hours north of here to a small community in the Bush.  We will use their Church as a base and do some evangelical outreaches to the area around there, showing the Jesus film, and sharing the gospel.  We'll return on Sunday afternoon.  I'm excited that Em gets to experience this, and I'm excited that I get to go.  This will be my first outreach, ever.  I know, what you live in Africa, and you haven't gone on an outreach.  Well, my job keeps me tied to the base pretty securely, so I really haven't had the time or energy, honestly, but I've wanted to for quite some time.  Also, I really feel God stirring my heart daily more and more for the community and further and further away from the people we serve, that are more western and live close to the city.  So I'm praying that this weekend will be amazing, and filled with the Holy Spirit, and safe, and just fun for each of us.  Plus, I'm looking forward to some good time to get to know Emily!  Please pray with and for us! 
Oh and ps....we got a new baby tonight named Chelsia.  She's 9 months and looks pretty healthy.  I'll share pics and the story when I return, along with swaziland pics and photos from the outreach.  Till, then, please pray that Chelsia settles into the Bercario.  She's having a terrible time adjusting tonight as she misses her momma! 
Thanks for all the support and encouragement you have all lended me and blessed me with over the past few weeks with the passing of Addie and the twins leaving.  I cannot tell you how many emails I got.  You all are such an amazing support team.  I hope you see yourselves as that.  This is  your journey too (and I'll keep reminding you of this till you own it!!).

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